Munchkin cats bad

The Battle Of Tiny Legged Cutie Pies

corgi munchCorgis or Misters as we like to call them have found their Misses (dogs are boys, cats are girls, obviously): Munchkin kitties. ^______________^ My goodness look at those tiny legs. According to Wikipedia, “The Munchkin is a relatively new breed of cat characterized by its very short legs, which are caused by a naturally occurring genetic mutation. It has been named after the “munchkin” doughnut.”

Munchkin cats are a mutant cats, there super powers clearly being cuteness. A Pembroke Welsh Corgi is the cuter of the Corgis (Cardigans being the other kind). It’s a herding dog, also with cute little legs, it’s highly intelligent and the Mister’s strong body makes it great for keeping animals in check. He’s like Hank from Breaking Bad.

So we ask: Mister or Miss?

What a handsome man.

Look at that winning smile.

Pembroke_Corgi_Image_001 Pembroke Welsh Corgi image tumblr_mpsp31UWpm1symb6uo1_500 MunchkinKittyBlackAndWhite

If it's an older dog

by Moosewood

It may already have a jistory of aggression with cats. Puppies raised with cats (esp goldens) usually do well with them. It helps to have a laid back cat that doesn't freak and run as that stirs up the prey drive. My boxers live with 2 cats (an old persian and fat mulazy munchkin) and other than occasionally annoying them trying to get attention, they leave them alone. They, however, were raised with these cats, and both know their boundries. From the described injuries, the dog bit the cat many times (is the cat declawed?). That's not good. You are at high risk of it happening again, especially if you don't know what the trigger for the attack was

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Munchkin cats?

What will you get when you breed munchkin cats with siamese. Will you get muchkins that look like siamese of a mixture... no smart xx answers please
I am not breeding....JUST CURIOUS

The munchkin breed has a genetic disorder that causes the short legs, there would be a chance that this gene could be passed down to some of the kittens but not necessary all of them. Siamese breeds tend to throw their color to their off springs, they may not have the bold coloring like the parent but similarly markings

Munchkin cat.............?

Do munchkin cats have bad promblems because of the way they were bred? i dont have one, i hav a normal cat, but if munchkin cats have breathing or lung problems , why would someone breed them and tourture such a cute little animal. they are adorable though <3

They don't have unusual breathing or lung problems. They have the same dwarfing mutation that is true of Dachshund dogs. They may have more potential to have arthritis, or disk issues, but they really don't have the super long back found in a Dachshund. However, with that said, I think they are pitiful in that they cannot act like a real cat. They do not have the grace and beauty of a predator.

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