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Did you see Eddie on Animal Planet?

We kept trying to TIVO the Cats 101 episode that our boy, Eddie, appeared on and finally saw it on Thanksgiving and then again on Christmas. He was under a year old at that are some pictures:

Are Bengals Legal in Georgia?

Bengals are one of the most popular breeds of cat today; they are the majority at TICA shows; and they are legal in Georgia, as well as, almost every other state.

Cat catches Swine Flu

November 4, 2009 - The Washington Post reported the first case of H1N1 flu carried by a cat in Iowa. The American Veterinary Medical Association has confirmed that the Swine Flu Epidemic does in fact pose a threat to our cats and in this case they believe the cat got it from its owners. While this kitty has recovered, the American Association of Feline Practitioners reminds pet owners that "they should monitor their pets' health very closely, no matter what type of animal, and visit a veterinarian if there are any signs of illness."

Its a bird, it's a plane, it's a cat with wings?

The UK's Daily Mail published a picture of a cat with wings. Evidently, "though born looking completely normal, once the cat hit the age of 1, he began growing wing-shaped appendages on either side of his spine." Scientist offered a few different explanations for this including grooming habits, a genetic defect or a hereditary skin condition. There have been other reports of winged cats; they are all long-haired.

These Cats Swim

swimming bengal tiger swimming bengal cats

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If it's an older dog

by Moosewood

It may already have a jistory of aggression with cats. Puppies raised with cats (esp goldens) usually do well with them. It helps to have a laid back cat that doesn't freak and run as that stirs up the prey drive. My boxers live with 2 cats (an old persian and fat mulazy munchkin) and other than occasionally annoying them trying to get attention, they leave them alone. They, however, were raised with these cats, and both know their boundries. From the described injuries, the dog bit the cat many times (is the cat declawed?). That's not good. You are at high risk of it happening again, especially if you don't know what the trigger for the attack was

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What type of cat is better: Bengal or Munchkin?

For a FIRST TIME cat owner what would be better?
Which one is nicer?
Which one is playful?
Which one is chiller (calmer)?
Which one will be nice to everyone?
*****Which one will love it's owner?*****

Don't waste you money on an expensive cat that can run out the door and be gone forever.
As cats go, always get 2 that are compatible.
Most times you can find free cats in pairs on Craigslist
If you can let them be indoor outdoor cats, cats will use the litter box less if they can go out.
If they must be indoor, you better be prepared to play with them twice a day.
Or you will have pee and cats fighting at nite from boredom.
Watch the guy on animal planet, who is a cat whisper for guidance.
Good luck.

Is a "bengal munchkin cat" a real breed?

I know a munchkin cat is real and a bengal cat is real breed. I kept googling pictures and trying to find it. I was wondering if they are real. Thanks

No, not in the least bit. What you're seeing is just a cat some backyard breeder is probably claiming as such. Less than 3% of cats on this planet are a breed and breeders tend to have the kittens altered before they're sold. So VERY unlikely for someone to have unaltered cats of both breeds that they then crossbred.

Don't believe pictures you see on Google. I could label my cat a Mediterranean Monkey Cat and put up his pic. Does that make him one? Google Russian Blue, Maine Coon, Bombay and most of the pictures are NOT those breeds just cats owners ASSUME are.

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