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Support Adoption and Rescue. Why go to a dog breeder, cat breeder or pet store to buy a dog or buy a cat when you can adopt?

Cities, Towns, and/or Counties We Serve:

Our main branch is located in Fremont, Ohio but have recently added a Columbus branch which allows us to save more lives as well as service a greater area.
We presently serve all of Ohio. Since we do make an In-Home visit before placing any of our animals, this sometimes makes it difficult to place our dogs and cats outside of Ohio. We have, however, made an exception to the rule and placed animals as far away as New York, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, and California.

About Our Rescue Group:

SPAOHIO (Society for the Protection of Animals is a non-profit organization. We rely upon donations and our fund raising events to provide the money needed for Veternary expenses and food for the animals we have rescued and are now living in our foster homes.

Our group was started by ONE woman named Barbara McGrady who saw the need, in her own county, to make a difference in the lives of unwanted and discarded animals. Through her hard work and endless dedication she has indeed made a tremendous impact in her own county as well as other counties, cities, and communities in northern Ohio.
Over the years, SPAOHIO has grown from a ONE woman operation to a hand full of volunteers and foster homes.

Recently, we added the Columbus Branch with two more volunteers but we are still looking for a lot more good people to come and join us in spreading the word "Spay or Neuter your Pets", "Don't buy when homeless pets die" "Save a Life.Adopt a shelter animal". We also need good foster homes as we do not have a Shelter facility. We rely upon our foster parents to care for these animals until they find their forever homes. The more volunteers we have, the more lives we can save. We do not euthanize to make room for a new animal. When our foster homes are full, it simply means that we can't take that poor dog or cat that is on death row because some shelter needs room for the endless incoming unwanted or discarded pet. So, PLEASE consider becoming a foster parent, or perhaps a small donation for boarding until a foster home opens up. Either one will save a life.
If you foster, all Vet bills and food are covered by SPAOHIO. All we ask is that you add the "LOVE", we take care of the rest.

We are a non-profit, charitable organization organized in the state of Ohio to help orphaned, injured, abused, abandoned and neglected animals.

We work to educate the public on the connection between animal cruelty and human violence and strive to stop them both.

Come Meet our Pets:

You can meet our Columbus adoptable pets at the Franklin County Mingle with the Mutts every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month if you live in Columbus or surrounding areas. Hours are Noon til 2:00 PM
We also do other events in nothern Ohio. Please contact us for updated information on these events.
All of our adoptable animals are also listed on or our website:

Our Adoption Process:

We require a completed application, which can be filled out on line at our website: or at any of our events.
It is mandatory that an In-Home visit be made by one of our volunteers. After the application has been approved, one of our volunteers will bring the animal to your home for a trial visit. This ensures that if you have other pets, everyone will get along together. We also would like to see the fenced yard that a dog will have to run and play in. Some of our dogs do require a 6 foot fenced area.
It is understood that all of our dogs and cats are to be INSIDE animals which means that they are living in the house with you and not outside.

Our adoption fees are as follows and include spay or neuter and all shots are up to date.
Dogs: $75.00
Cats: $65.00

We try very hard to return messages promptly, however, as most of us are volunteers and have other jobs, please be patient. It may take up to 24 hours but usually the call is returned the same day.

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I have a munchkin. The disposition

by countreeprincess

Varies from cat to cat but the ones I've been around have been very lovey and playful. They tend to stay "kittenish" longer and they do NOT have any trouble doing anything a cat with long legs does. They can have the common health problems of most cats and may(mine didn't/don't)sometomes have later life arthritis/joint disorders. Cattery cats from bad catteries also have a higher risk of URI,FIP and other "communal" diseases.
When you find a breeder/s look for cleanliness,check bloodlines and breeding records,ask to see vet records/tests and see where the cats are kept(i.e not caged unless in season) ask for references from other show people and buyers

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Boxer Lover
Munchkin kittens???

Anybody else disgusted with this mutated cat breeding that has been going on? I actually just found out about them today. Note the prices for these kittens.

It is a shame, the kittens are the ones suffering, and they will have health problems, I saw 3 of these at a Louisville, Ky show last year. they were cute as buttons ,but the legs, poor length......but the lady there was showing how versatile they are, and even with shorty legs, those little guys can jump high and they did not fall back, were very sturdy..

but, one poster is right, as long as they are bred, the people will buy them.....and they are a legal registered breed......

the price, bet the link you furnished, they sell like hot…

Where do you find a munchkin kitten to breed?

Serious answers only!! And which is better for breeding, a female or male?
Yes you need a male and female cat to breed, but can't breed two munchkin cats. If you don't know what a munchkin cat is do not answer and don't tell me about how you think its wrong.

The International Cat Association (TICA) accepts the Munchkin for registration. Why not look for a registered breeder and ask to be mentored. Breeding is hard work, a VERY expensive hobby, and can be difficult. With a good mentor -- or two or three! -- you'll be on the track to success.

Do I have to breed a munchkin cat with another munchkin cat to get munchkin kittens?

I adopted a kitten with regular length legs from a litter of munchkins. I understand that achondroplasia is an autosomal dominant gene and I would like her to have a litter that contains munchkins. Do I need to breed her with a munchkin who has the short leg trait or can I breed her to a regular cat to end up with munchkin kittens?

It depends on each cat whatever breed your cat is you might want to breed it with another pure or pedigree you dont want problems developing in kittens

Kitten Breed???

I was wondering if it is possible to not know anything about a kitten when selling it? I got this kitten in April and it's abnormally small. Not skinny but just a small bone structure. When I show her to people they say it should be illegal to have a kitten as small as mine. She has very short legs and shes kinda bullegged in the front. She has a tabby colouring with spots on her belly.Shes also got these big bat ears. Even the vet says shes not sure of the breed. When I look at…

Your link's not working. She could be just the "runt" of the litter. Nothing abnormal, just a small kitty. I'm guessing she's a mixed breed with some Siamese in her (I have a Siamese with a "rowly" growl).

Ray Ray
Scottish fold munchkin kitten?

I am looking for a scottish fold munchkin kitten in illinois.Any color will do but I do want a white please help me I just los my dog so please even if its just a munchkin.

Here's a couple sites you can search for adoptable kittens in your area. You may not find one of those breeds, but you are very likely to find another one you can love =) The best part about these sites is that you will be rescuing an animal that needs you! You can make a difference in a kittens life instead of supporting breeders and petshops =) Also try your local shelter, this time of year they ALWAYS have kittens! I know because I work in a shelter myself! Please consider this option, I wish you the best and I am very sorry to hear about your loss! A kitten is the perfect way to…

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