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Havana Brown Kittens and Cats for Sale

The Havana was the first of the Oriental breeds to be developed from the Siamese, and is essentially a cat of Siamese shape and temperament, but with a rich warm chestnut brown all over, rather than having the different coloured 'points' (ears, face, legs and tail) of the Siamese. Although the colour was originally described as Havana (after the chestnut colour of a Havana cigar) the breed was originally registered as a Chestnut Brown Foreign. They were later known as Havana Browns, but became known simply as a Havana when all the different colours of Oriental cats were first grouped together in the 1980s. This breed is still known as a Havana Brown in the USA.

Havana Brown History

It is thought that cats resembling the modern day Havana were imported to the UK from Thailand in the 1800s, but numbers gradually diminished and by the end of the Second World War they had disappeared. In the early 1950s, a UK breeder called Isobel Munro-Smith had been trying to breed Siamese with black points (as opposed to seal brown), which she did by mating Seal Point Siamese with black shorthaired cats. In 1952 she had a litter with 3 black kittens, and was thrilled to discover a brown male kitten with similar shape to a Siamese with the same characteristically large ears and long tail. The kitten was named Elmtower Bronze Idol, and is generally acknowledged as the first recognised Havana from whom all Havanas in this country are descended, even though it was produced as a by-product of her breeding programme, rather than intentionally. The breeder was fascinated by this apparently new breed and kept him as an entire male, and he sired over twenty litters during the next couple of years. Another breeder at the time, Baroness von Ullmann, was keen to develop these pure brown cats of Siamese type, and by mating British black shorthaired cats to Elmtower Bronze Idol, she set up a breeding programme that consistently produced these lovely brown kittens. Some of these early Havanas were imported to the USA, including Roofspringer Mahogany and Laurentide Brown Pilgrim, who became the 'foundation' cats of the American Havana. The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy in the UK first recognised the breed as the Chestnut Brown Foreign in 1958, but it wasn't until 1970 that breeders persuaded the GCCF to change the name to the Havana Brown and then later the Havana. The Oriental Lilac (originally the Foreign Lavender and then the Foreign Lilac) descended directly from the Havana, as Havanas often carry the blue gene from the early breeding days when they were sometimes mated to Russian Blues. When some early Havana to Havana matings produced these lilac kittens, they became popular and subsequently became a breed in their own right.

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I have a munchkin. The disposition

by countreeprincess

Varies from cat to cat but the ones I've been around have been very lovey and playful. They tend to stay "kittenish" longer and they do NOT have any trouble doing anything a cat with long legs does. They can have the common health problems of most cats and may(mine didn't/don't)sometomes have later life arthritis/joint disorders. Cattery cats from bad catteries also have a higher risk of URI,FIP and other "communal" diseases.
When you find a breeder/s look for cleanliness,check bloodlines and breeding records,ask to see vet records/tests and see where the cats are kept(i.e not caged unless in season) ask for references from other show people and buyers

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Cats- Is there a toy/breed? What is the smallest cat breed ?

I don't think there is a breed that is smallest, like in dogs, I think there are small individuals, like in people.

Munchkin cats?

I looking for a munchin kitten in orlando FL, does anybody know is there a breeder in Orlando, FL? thanks

I would do a google search for Munchkin cat breeders. Or get a Cat Fancy Magazine they have Munchkin cat breeders advertisments in the back of the magazine. Be careful buying Munchkins. They have inherited Heart problems that come with the minature legs. 70% of Munchins born with the dwarfed legs have weak or enlarged hearts. Its just a thing that runs in the genetics because of the severe inbreeding amoung close relatives to get the dwarfed legs. Be sure they are fully vetted and if they arent i would go right to the vet after you buy one and have his heart checked.
Here is just…

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