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I have a munchkin. The disposition

by countreeprincess

Varies from cat to cat but the ones I've been around have been very lovey and playful. They tend to stay "kittenish" longer and they do NOT have any trouble doing anything a cat with long legs does. They can have the common health problems of most cats and may(mine didn't/don't)sometomes have later life arthritis/joint disorders. Cattery cats from bad catteries also have a higher risk of URI,FIP and other "communal" diseases.
When you find a breeder/s look for cleanliness,check bloodlines and breeding records,ask to see vet records/tests and see where the cats are kept(i.e not caged unless in season) ask for references from other show people and buyers

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Cats- Is there a toy/breed? What is the smallest cat breed ?

I don't think there is a breed that is smallest, like in dogs, I think there are small individuals, like in people.

Munchkin cats?

I looking for a munchin kitten in orlando FL, does anybody know is there a breeder in Orlando, FL? thanks

I would do a google search for Munchkin cat breeders. Or get a Cat Fancy Magazine they have Munchkin cat breeders advertisments in the back of the magazine. Be careful buying Munchkins. They have inherited Heart problems that come with the minature legs. 70% of Munchins born with the dwarfed legs have weak or enlarged hearts. Its just a thing that runs in the genetics because of the severe inbreeding amoung close relatives to get the dwarfed legs. Be sure they are fully vetted and if they arent i would go right to the vet after you buy one and have his heart checked.
Here is just…

Smallest cat breed?

Singapuras are officially the smallest cat breed in the world. Weighing only 4 pounds is not unusual for a full grown female Singapura cat. On average, female cats weigh 5-6 pounds, and males are 6-8 pounds.

Ivanna Feckalot
A few questions about dwarf cats?

I just saw one today, his body was regular size but his legs were a wiener dog, but a cat. His brother from the same litter was regular sized.

The one I saw was a Scottish Fold, are they the only breed to have dwarfs?
How common is it? One out of what?
What kind of health problems arise from "dwarfism" in cats?

I think I want one.
Oh, I thought he was an accident....Like a natural little people.

There are a few breeds of cat with short legs, such as Munchkin and Minskin. The Jaguarundi Curl (rare) has been bred to have short legs and curled ears.

However, some random bred cats are also born with short legs and it's probably a form of dwarfism. (Achondroplasia dwarfism is characterised by abnormal body proportions.)

The Messybeast web site has a very interesting article and photos of both random and purebred short legged cats.

What Breed Of Cat is As Small as a Kitten? Read Inside?

Looking for a cheap cat(no more than 100-200 dollars) that stays relatively small in body size. I hear Munchkin cats stay small.

Thanks. :)

I've heard of dwarf a google search and see what comes from that. Just be aware that it will be a cat of a registered breed, and it WILL cost quite alot of money!

We have a 1 year old cat that's still the size of a 5 month old kitten......but she's just a regular domestic cat that had a very small mother.

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