Munchkin cat with Scottish Fold

Scottish fold cat sits up straight to investigate a

There's something about a Scottish fold cat that's downright irresistible, isn't there?

We haven't quite put our finger on just what appeals to us about a cat with folded-down ears; perhaps our admiration for them is based, at least in part, on our affection for Maru, another Scottish fold whose well-documented love of boxes has made him an international phenomenon.

This particular Scottish fold has just discovered a plate of meat on the table and is willing to go to great lengths to investigate. Apparently sitting like a human is nothing new for him, either; owner tansokunyan's YouTube channel is full of videos of him sitting upright.

An interesting side note: Scottish fold kittens are born with straight (not "folded") ears, and some Scottish folds' ears never fold over at all.

• Video goodness: Cat plays hide-and-seek in a paper bag

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I have a munchkin. The disposition

by countreeprincess

Varies from cat to cat but the ones I've been around have been very lovey and playful. They tend to stay "kittenish" longer and they do NOT have any trouble doing anything a cat with long legs does. They can have the common health problems of most cats and may(mine didn't/don't)sometomes have later life arthritis/joint disorders. Cattery cats from bad catteries also have a higher risk of URI,FIP and other "communal" diseases.
When you find a breeder/s look for cleanliness,check bloodlines and breeding records,ask to see vet records/tests and see where the cats are kept(i.e not caged unless in season) ask for references from other show people and buyers

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