Munchkin cat Springfield MO

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Support Adoption and Rescue. Why go to a dog breeder, cat breeder or pet store to buy a dog or buy a cat when you can adopt?

Cities, Towns, and/or Counties We Serve:

Dogs Deserve Better is a nationwide organization. This office serves Springfield, MO and surrounding areas. We certainly will make every effort to go half way between us and the next closest Dogs Deserve Better Rescue to cover as much area as possible.

About Our Rescue Group:

Dogs Deserve Better is a nonprofit organization dedicated to freeing the chained dog, and bringing our 'best friend' into the home and family.

We are a chained dog and penned dog education, legislation, and rescue 501c3 nonprofit group. We are based in PA, but now have reps all over the country. We are working to change laws and educate society that it's not OK to live chained or penned. Dogs long to be part of the family, they are not lawn ornaments, they are living beings deserving of love and respect.

For the latest news articles please visit our website Dogs Deserve Better.

Donate to Our Rescue Group...

Please send donations to the address listed above.

Come Meet our Pets:

Dogs Deserve Better would love to have you as a volunteer in the Springfield area.

Where do your strengths lie? Do you have a passion for helping these dogs? Do you have a dog in the community living this way, and need to do something about it? Let us know what you'd like to do to help. Area reps are available to answer your questions and advise you as to how you can help in the community.

Here are some concrete ways to make a difference TODAY:

1. Get brochures and put them out in your area, vets offices, restaurants, travel plazas, feed stores and pet shops.

2. Work to change laws. Very important! Sign up to be notified when County and City board meetings are to be held. Making an appearance and showing support for stronger laws in the Community is essential.

3. Print and hang our 11x17 posters or flyers and hang them all around your town, grocery stores, laundromats, telephone your neighborhood.

4. Get donations or negotiate a free billboard in your local area with our 2004 billboard design.

5. Volunteer for tabling events.

6. Become a Foster Parent!

7. Provide "home checks" for other Foster Parents.

8. If you are already involved in a youth group or have access to speaking in classrooms or libraries, please contact Kathaleen Glasgow Shannon to set-up a presentation to help education our younger citizens about the detriments of chaining dogs in our community.

Our Adoption Process:

If you'd like to adopt one of our dogs, please request and fill out the adoption application.

Adoption procedures include an adoption application, reference check, home check and adoption contract.

The Adoption fees for Dogs Deserve Better, Crane, Missouri range from $75.00 - $200.00. This fee varies according to the particular veterinary needs and care of the dog. All dogs adopted to their new caretakers will be up to date on shots, tested for heartworms and any other worms and/or parasites, spayed/neutered, and micro chipped.

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I have a munchkin. The disposition

by countreeprincess

Varies from cat to cat but the ones I've been around have been very lovey and playful. They tend to stay "kittenish" longer and they do NOT have any trouble doing anything a cat with long legs does. They can have the common health problems of most cats and may(mine didn't/don't)sometomes have later life arthritis/joint disorders. Cattery cats from bad catteries also have a higher risk of URI,FIP and other "communal" diseases.
When you find a breeder/s look for cleanliness,check bloodlines and breeding records,ask to see vet records/tests and see where the cats are kept(i.e not caged unless in season) ask for references from other show people and buyers

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Cats- Is there a toy/breed? What is the smallest cat breed ?

I don't think there is a breed that is smallest, like in dogs, I think there are small individuals, like in people.

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