Dwarf Munchkin cats

Dwarf Cats

Dwarf cats can occur in any breed of cat that has a genetic mutation which results in dwarfism. The cat will be smaller and often has other characteristics like legs that are distinctly short compared to body size.

Two Types of Dwarf Cats

There are basically two types of dwarf cats. One is chondrodysplastic, which means short legged. These breeds were developed from the Munchkin and retain the Munchkin's small legs. The other type, commonly called a tea cup cat, has a body that is proportionate, but it's just smaller than other breeds.

The Munchkin

The Munchkin is a breed of dwarf cat that has the gene that results in very short legs. It is the founding breed of a number of other breeds that have been developed with this characteristic. In order to produce the short-legged feature in other breeds and create new varieties, the Munchkin was outcrossed with a normally proportioned cat with the hopes that the kittens would have the small stature and short legs of the Munchkin as well as the desirable trait of the other parent's particular breed.


The Bambino is a cross between a Munchkin and a Sphynx. It has the short legs and small size that the Munchkins are known for, but it also is hairless like the Sphinx.


The Dwelf is a cross between a Munchkin, a Sphynx and an American Curl. It is a short-legged, hairless breed with curled ears.


The Genetta is a short-legged, dwarf cat that has the exotic coat of the African Savannah cat. It is diminutive in size with a striped or marbled coat.


The Minskin is a combination of Munchkin and Sphynx. It has short legs and a coat that is very sparse. It is a friendly breed that enjoys being held and played with.

Tea Cup Cats

Unlike the Munchkin based breeds, tea cup breeds are correctly proportioned cats. Tea cups just have a smaller size in every aspect. They tend to come from almost any breed and most do not have a separate breed standard.

A typical tea cup breed female will weigh only two to four pounds and is less than nine inches tall when fully grown.

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Cats- Is there a toy/breed? What is the smallest cat breed ?

I don't think there is a breed that is smallest, like in dogs, I think there are small individuals, like in people.

Munchkin cats?

I looking for a munchin kitten in orlando FL, does anybody know is there a breeder in Orlando, FL? thanks

I would do a google search for Munchkin cat breeders. Or get a Cat Fancy Magazine they have Munchkin cat breeders advertisments in the back of the magazine. Be careful buying Munchkins. They have inherited Heart problems that come with the minature legs. 70% of Munchins born with the dwarfed legs have weak or enlarged hearts. Its just a thing that runs in the genetics because of the severe inbreeding amoung close relatives to get the dwarfed legs. Be sure they are fully vetted and if they arent i would go right to the vet after you buy one and have his heart checked.
Here is just…

Smallest cat breed?

Singapuras are officially the smallest cat breed in the world. Weighing only 4 pounds is not unusual for a full grown female Singapura cat. On average, female cats weigh 5-6 pounds, and males are 6-8 pounds.

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