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Japanese cat magazines rule!

scottish fold cat magazine coversWith their round and sweet faces, Scottish Fold cats are natural stars. No surprise that they’re on the cover of many cat magazines in Japan! (They make great center-FOLDS as well.)

Since many of you were curious about Japanese “neko” magazines, here are some images from my collection. I got these zines at Book-Off (the used bookstore with many locations) for $1.50-3 each. New issues are sold at Kinokuniya and other major bookshops.

scottish fold white furCrea Cat is my favorite of the bunch, since the pages emphasize cute photography, layouts and costumes. The Scottish Fold, with a bow-tie and speech bubble, is a perfect example.

Japanese “kawaii” is all about big, anime eyes… so this white fur foldy is the ideal model.

I laughed so hard at this squish-faced Exotic Shorthair in a wig.

The magazine has a number of fun features, such as an article about the origins of different cat breeds. Scottish folds are of course from Scotland!

猫の雑誌How ridiculous is this? “We are zura cats” means cats who look like they are wearing wigs, or black hairpieces…

This fold-eared fellow even has dark sideburns! Once again, the magazine puts him in a bow-tie, and takes photos from angles that emphasize his plumpness.

Unlike Western cat magazines, the layout is more “kawaii”, and you’ll find a lot of Scottish Folds and kitty costumes in the mix.

Here’s a feature about Japanese women and their cat companions. I spot an owl-face in there…

Japan’s cat magazines also do stories about famous felines, such as the stationmaster cat who wears a conductor’s cap.

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