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9 Reasons Yoda The Munchkin Cat Is The Purr-fect Boyfriend

YodaMeet Yoda! Photo: Instagram, ceedub2

Munchkin cats: they're real, and they are adorable!

Apparently, if you mix an American Curl and Napoleon Munchkin you get the perfect little bundle of love: Yoda, the munchkin cat! This little guy (whom one of our editors dubbed a feline Corgi) is full of love and really is the perfect boyfriend, for so many reasons. Here are just a few. (All videos from the Vine account of Yoda's lucky owner, Caitlin Williams).

He knows how to make you smile (seriously, look at this and try not to smile!).

He's not afraid to get a little weird.

He makes more adorable sounds than your current boyfriend.

He has dreams to play with the big boys.

He's got plenty of energy, so he'll keep you on your toes.

He totally appreciates irony (but still, there can be only one).

Rest easy, because he'll patrol the house for you at night.

Howdy =D

by CalamityCowgirl

I'm Debbie Jo.. i can't post pics yet cause i just made this account today because i can use my other email anymore lol...
anyways my babys are....
3 horses
-Sally 4 year old sorrel sabino paint
-Winter 24 year old black TWH
-Sarah 8 year old bay arabian
1 dog
-Gabbie 7 year old siberian husky
1 cat
-Vegas 9 month old siamese lookin lazy boy
6 bunnies
-Uno 1 year old blue dutch buck
-Dutchess 3 year old black dutch doe
-Mocha 1 year old chocolate dutch doe
-Scamper 1 year old sable point lionhead buck
-Ari 1 year old orange lionhead buck
-KuuKuuKaKhew 1 year old broken chestnut lionhead doe
other animals that live here are (belong to my mom and sisters)

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Kristin S
Does anybody have a picture of a mini munchkin cat?

Hi Kristin...here are a bunch more photos of Munchkin cats:

Cindy C
What breed is my cat ?

Thats a picture of her, i know she's a mixed but could you give me some light as to what is in her.
She has quite a low body and looks kind of like a sausage dog.

Hmm if she has short legs she could be part munchkin, here's a photo:
's hard to tell in cats, they all look pretty similar, but if i had to guess i'd say she looks like a maine coon/angora mix to me though:

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