Shortest Munchkin cat

Meet Cye, the world's shortest cat | Odd News

25-year-old Sarah Langille, Cye’s owner, has been a hobby breeder of the tiny cats for five years, reports the Waterloo Region Record. The naturally occurring genetic mutations of munchkin cats cause very short legs in the felines. Despite Cye’s record setting short stature, Langille says that she did not set out to get the world’s shortest cat, and only breeds a few cats a year.

Cye standing next to a can of Dr. Pepper (CBC)

Langille was inspired to look into the record when a friend told her that Cye was the shortest cat he’d ever seen. From there, she contacted the people at Guinness World Records, who told her to provide a video of the cat, and a certification of Cye’s height taken three times by a veterinarian using a specially ordered instrument.

Cye and the specialized measuring instrument (CBC)

Because he has a normal size body, the Waterloo Region Record vividly described Cye as a “feline dachshund, ” and when he sits up on his haunches, “a feline meerkat or prairie dog.” Langille told CBC News that, “He thinks he’s a person, ” when Cye takes his upright posture.

Cye sitting up on his haunches (CBC)

The cat’s short legs, and a damaged eye he suffered as a newborn kitten, have not seemed to slow Cye down. He’s reportedly quite active and can leap up to 8 feet. Still, his owner has decided not to let the record holder outside because his short legs leave him vulnerable to attack.

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Kristin S
Does anybody have a picture of a mini munchkin cat?

Hi are a bunch more photos of Munchkin cats:

Cindy C
What breed is my cat ?

Thats a picture of her, i know she's a mixed but could you give me some light as to what is in her.
She has quite a low body and looks kind of like a sausage dog.

Hmm if she has short legs she could be part munchkin, here's a photo:
's hard to tell in cats, they all look pretty similar, but if i had to guess i'd say she looks like a maine coon/angora mix to me though:

What kind of cat has a big head, great big eyes and short little legs?

I don't have a picture of her but she's a calico. I think she looks pretty funny. But I don't know if she is some sort of mix or if there is a breed that looks like that.
She is very much like that picture. Thankk you.

The breed of cat you are referring to is called a Munchkin.

Add: See some photos with further links here

What kind of cat is this!? please help. pictures included.?


Munchkin or Munchkin cross. Aside from being extremely overweight, it looks cobbier than most Munchkins i have seen. so maybe something like Munchkin x Exotic but did not get a flat face.

I don't like the idea of breeding dwarf cats, and I did not think it was right that TICA accepted the Munchkin. but in fairness I have to say that the comments people have written here about them having all sorts of horrible health problems and short lives are not accurate. The initial predictions some opponents made about this haven't been true; generally they seem to be healthy.…

life is crazy, but i'm crazier
What type of cat is this?



Here are a few breeds I think it could be...

Maine Coon - Usually a tabby and has very distinct hair pattern on their ears.
Forest Cat - It has the same color and fur.
- It could be a RagaMuffin, it has the big eyes and long coat.
of these 3 pictures off of the internet I would have to say it looks the closest to a RagaMuffin. It could possibly be a mixed breed or a domestic longhaired.

I hoped i helped!

*EDIT* When the people below suggested its a Munchkin, I looked them up and I have to agree with them. Also if you translate…

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