Munchkin Cats for sale in Austin Texas

Cats for Sale in Austin

Adventurous, Purry, Friendly\ \ Voxtrot is irresistible. She is a siamese cat and has unusual coloring on her face that is absolutely charming. Her face is not exactly symmetrical, but it totally fits her! Her lovable, weird little face will draw you in and her loving and fun personality will too. She is active and energetic, and would love activities as much a hanging out with her human. \ \ Voxtrot is always the 1st one to run in a room and say hi. She is always running around the room, checking things out, playing with toys and hanging out with her siblings. Her favorite toys are strings, bells, and her climbing toy. She does nice around everyone; it doesn't matter if they're cats, dogs, or kids. Though she does enjoy playing, she mainly wants to be near people. She'd be a nice addition to anyone's family. \ \. See more Siameses in Austin.
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Cats and Couches

by dave001

I am looking to buy a new sofa/love seat and am curious how Munchkin and Precious will react.
Precious is de-clawed but Munchkin is not and will not be as long as I have him.
Munchkin does scratch things, but not a great deal. My current couches are covered with blankets - and I don't see him scratching them.
I'd expect to be getting new cats in the future, so am trying to figure out what couch fabric is best for cats that might scratch.
I think leather is out of my price range. I'm thinking of what I can only think might be called "traditional" fabric, and then micro fiber

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