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Los Angeles County

About Our Rescue Group:

Welcome! Kitten Rescue is a non-profit organization located in the Los Angeles area, devoted to rescuing needy kittens and cats from shelter euthanasia and abandonment. We provide our rescued cats with all necessary medical attention and ongoing treatment to establish their health, while caring for them in foster homes, where they're given abundant love and affection. The kitties like that part the best!

Kitten Rescue presents cats for adoption regularly at locations all over Los Angeles County, in addition to conducting private adoptions during the week, with the goal of finding loving, committed homes for every animal we take in. We also offer education and help to the public regarding all aspects of responsible pet ownership, care of kittens and cats, and the importance of spaying and neutering.

Come Meet our Pets:

All our kitties live in foster homes and can be visited at one of our four weekly adoption events! Check our website for our adoption events and locations near you!

Our Adoption Process:

When you choose to adopt one of Kitten Rescue's animals, required adoption donations begin at $120.00. All of our cats have been spayed/neutered, tested for leukemia and FIV, vaccinated, dewormed, treated for fleas and microchipped prior to adoption.

Many of our cats have also received additional vet care as needed, such as surgery for injuries or congenital problems, treatment for ear, eye, upper respiratory infections, and viruses. Additional veterinary care beyond these services, for the (hopefully) long life of your cat, will be your responsibility.

Please be aware that there is a screening process involved in adopting a pet from Kitten Rescue. To help ensure that we place our cats in loving, responsible, and committed homes, we reserve the right to turn down potential adopters as we deem necessary. A home delivery or visit is a required part of the adoption procedure.

If for any reason you wish or need to return a cat you've adopted from us, you can do so within 72 hours for a full refund of the adoption donation. After that, be it months or years later and we're still in existence, if you need to give up the animal, please bring it to us. We won't be able to refund the adoption fee, but we will place it in a new home.

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Cats and Couches

by dave001

I am looking to buy a new sofa/love seat and am curious how Munchkin and Precious will react.
Precious is de-clawed but Munchkin is not and will not be as long as I have him.
Munchkin does scratch things, but not a great deal. My current couches are covered with blankets - and I don't see him scratching them.
I'd expect to be getting new cats in the future, so am trying to figure out what couch fabric is best for cats that might scratch.
I think leather is out of my price range. I'm thinking of what I can only think might be called "traditional" fabric, and then micro fiber

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david f
Where can I get a munchkin cat in canada?

Ive seen I know we can get them but where?

From someone who deliberately breeds cats for a crippling genetic defect and 25% genetic mortality, i.e. a munchkin breeder.

Coffee Lover <3
Where can I find a munchkin cat breeder in Quebec,Canada? ?

I've been looking everywhere for a munchkin cat breeder and it seems as if they are only breed in the states. I live in Quebec, Canada, I was wondering if anyone knows a breeder?
Look I know alot of you are going to tell me to go find a cat in an animal shelter.Please just answer my bloody question.I know all about the problems munchkin cats have already.

Please reconsider. Look at your local shelter. You'll likely find a cat who bonds with you immediately. If you want a certain "look", check online at area shelters.

So many "bred" cats end up with health problems. Whether or not you find a "reputable" breeder, you still put yourself at a high risk for paying a lot of money for a cat with inbreeding.

Save a life. Save some money.

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