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AliffAthirah Cattery - Breeding Brown and Silver Bengal
Cat Whisperer Kuching - Breeding persians of all colours in a relax enviroment of East malaysia.
Chanteq Cattery - New Persian cattery specializing in Bi Colors only.
Coonsphere Maine Coon Cattery - Breed Maine Coon cats since 2008, and working with wonderful famous lines. We ship all over da world
Dominant bengals - A TICA registered cattery focusing on the breeding of brown spotted bengal
House of exotic - working with bloodlines from Catillak, Purfurvid, Psymis and many more
MunchkinCurl Cattery - We breed quality not quantity, Our cats tested with FIP, FIV and FELV.
Mypesona Cattery - Exotic SH Breeder in Ampang, Selangor.
Proventus Cattery - Exotics & Persians - We are CFA registered. We have NW & RW lines and only believe in breeding for perfection.
RizcoonSphynx - Home of Hairless Babies.
Saharacoon - Maine coon breeder from Malaysia working with Champion and Grand Champion lines.
Saharacoon Maine Coon - Maine Coon breeder working with Grand Champion and Champion Lines
Sayangku Persian - The top best quality persians cat in Malaysia. The most awarded persian cattery in Malaysia.
Serengeti Bengals - Bengal breeder from Puchong Selangor.
Zikhafri Maine Coons - Breeding/showing from CFA American National Winning, Regional Winning and Distinguished Merits' pedigrees. unless otherwise indicated.
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Anyone have info on munchkin cats?

by peachykeenjelybean

A friend of a friend is giving away her kitten, which apparently is a "munchkin" kitten bought from a breeder. The kitten is about 4 months old now.
I am considering adopting it, but I have some questions, and google wasn't very helpful (pulled up more breeders than info).
1) Is the the whole cat smaller than normal, or just the legs? How big is it full grown? My current cat is 20lbs, will the munchkin be too small to play with current cat?
2) Are there any unusual health concerns I should know about?
3) Websites say they are playful

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david f
Where can I get a munchkin cat in canada?

Ive seen I know we can get them but where?

From someone who deliberately breeds cats for a crippling genetic defect and 25% genetic mortality, i.e. a munchkin breeder.

Coffee Lover <3
Where can I find a munchkin cat breeder in Quebec,Canada? ?

I've been looking everywhere for a munchkin cat breeder and it seems as if they are only breed in the states. I live in Quebec, Canada, I was wondering if anyone knows a breeder?
Look I know alot of you are going to tell me to go find a cat in an animal shelter.Please just answer my bloody question.I know all about the problems munchkin cats have already.

Please reconsider. Look at your local shelter. You'll likely find a cat who bonds with you immediately. If you want a certain "look", check online at area shelters.

So many "bred" cats end up with health problems. Whether or not you find a "reputable" breeder, you still put yourself at a high risk for paying a lot of money for a cat with inbreeding.

Save a life. Save some money.

Question About Cats?

Hey, I was wondering what types of cats are their. I know that their are a couple of different species but I want to know all of them and how you can tell what types they are. Can you also add if a specific type of cat is more rarer or harder to find that others. THANKS

Longhair and semi-longhair
Aegean cat
American Longhair
Asian Semi-longhair (or Tiffanie)
British Longhair
Chantilly/Tiffany cat
Himalayan (USA) or Colourpoint (rest of world).
Maine Coon
Norwegian Forest Cat
Oriental Longhair
Ragdoll (and Ragamuffin)
Turkish Van
Turkish Angora

[edit] Shorthair
American Shorthair
Australian Mist

Name The Most cats Breeds?

Ok Name the most cat breeds and i will pick you as the best anwser
start nameing

American bobtail
American Curl
American Shorthair
American Wirehair
British Shorthair
Colorpoint Shorthair
Cornish Rex
Devon Rex
Egyptian Mau
European Burmese
Havana Brown
Japanese Bobtail
Maine Coon
Norweighn Forest Cat
Russian Blue

Where can I buy a munchkin kitten in Alberta canada?

Do a google search and look for breeders in your area. You can also contact other breeders of a different breed and ask if they know of any munchkin breeders.

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