Munchkin cat North Carolina

Ghostbuster in Burlington finds haunted sites in North Carolina

Steele and his friends watched the motionless man for several minutes until they finally got too scared to stay any longer. Later, Steele talked with several residents of the Glencoe Mill Village, who said there was a man recently shot and killed in a house near where Steele claimed to have seen the figure.

“I honestly don’t know if that event tied into what I saw, but it sure was pretty creepy, ” he said.

A serious calling

Between the mysterious name-callings and seeing Glencoe’s silent zombie, Steele found himself transfixed by all things supernatural. His role as an investigator didn’t come immediately, though.

After he graduated college, Steele spent the next few decades working at University of North Carolina Health Care in the hospital’s intensive care unit doing data entry of patient medical records. Several years ago, he took on a cashier job at Walmart in Burlington, but Steele always knew he wanted more. He began searching for any local outlet to do something pertaining to his fascination with the paranormal.

And when Steele got a Facebook account in 2008, he stumbled upon the perfect opportunity.

“I had been looking and looking to try and find a local volunteer paranormal investigation group, and I finally saw something about a meet-up for a group based in Asheboro, ” he said. “I started going to the monthly meetings, and I made them aware the very first night that I was serious about becoming an investigator.”

Steele soon became a regular investigator for S.P.I.R.I.T. Paranormal, the Southern Paranormal Identification Research and Investigation Team. He was recently promoted to case manager and research specialist, which means Steele is in charge of finding out as much information as possible about the history and current state of potential investigation sites.

“What I try to do is not go blind into a place and do an investigation, ” he said. “It’s best to do all the research you can beforehand.”

Matthew Shelar, leading investigator at S.P.I.R.I.T., met Steele in 2009 at a group meeting. He said he could tell from the beginning that Steele would make a good team member because of his persistence and passion.

“When Lee sets his mind to something, he does it, ” Shelar said. “When we have a case, he’s always good about gathering history and interviewing people. If there’s something out there that can be gathered about a place, Lee can do it. He’s a vital gear to the team, and we couldn’t do it without him.”

Although the idea of being a ghost hunter may seem like constant excitement, Steele said most people misunderstand the process of doing an investigation. It’s not like on television when supernatural things happen immediately, one after the other, he said.

“If you listen to some of my recordings, that’s one of the most boring parts in the process — having to review the evidence, ” he said. “Sometimes you have minutes or almost hours of nothing, no activity. If there is anything supernatural there, it’s only going to manifest itself when it decides it wants to.”

Although these paranormal moments may not be frequent, Steele said it’s always incredible when they finally happen. And he experienced several of these happenings when he participated in his first large group investigation.

“Help me, help me”

The most exciting part of Steele’s career to date came when he was given the opportunity to conduct a paranormal investigation on the historic USS North Carolina battleship in Wilmington in April 2010.

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Anyone have info on munchkin cats?

by peachykeenjelybean

A friend of a friend is giving away her kitten, which apparently is a "munchkin" kitten bought from a breeder. The kitten is about 4 months old now.
I am considering adopting it, but I have some questions, and google wasn't very helpful (pulled up more breeders than info).
1) Is the the whole cat smaller than normal, or just the legs? How big is it full grown? My current cat is 20lbs, will the munchkin be too small to play with current cat?
2) Are there any unusual health concerns I should know about?
3) Websites say they are playful

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