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husband and I have combined our shared passion for extreme looks and love for cats and have started a small hobby breeding of a few of our pets. We are just getting started, please like and share our page. -Why We Do What We Do- In the same way that inbreeding among human populations can increase the frequency of normally rare genes that cause diseases, the selective breeding that created the hundreds of modern cat breeds has put purebred cats at risk for a large number of health problems, affecting both body and behavior. Health problems among purebreds are the product of both inbreeding and bad genetic luck. The genes responsible for many genetic diseases are “recessive, ” which means that two copies of a damaged gene, one from the mother and one from the father, must be present in an individual for the disease to occur. Individuals that carry only one copy of the disease gene don’t have the condition, and are carriers of the disease.. See more Munchkins in Springfield.

Cat food causing urinary blockage :(

by dave002

I'm looking for suggestions on what to feed my cat. He has had problems with Purina Cat Chow, Hills Science Diet, Purina One, and one or two others.
After a week or two on them, crytals in his urine begin to build up and eventually cause a blockage which left untreated will kill him. So, I feed him some special canned food that breaks down the crytals - and costs $1.50 a 5 oz. can.
I've tried a few dried foods that even claim to be for "unrinay health" or whatever. The vety says the oringal Purina Cat Chow had one type of acid that caused the build up of crystals, the spedcial
"unrinay health" food had a different acid and does the same thing

Munchkin Munchkin Safety Sunblock Shade, Hello Kitty
Baby Product (Munchkin)
  • Vinyl shade blocks the sun s glare and protects from UV rays
  • White Hot Heat Alert indicates when the car is too hot
  • Easy 2-step release button; push and release to adjust, push and hold to roll up
  • Permanently attached suction cups won t remove so there is no chocking hazard
  • Full size: 14
Regalo Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate, White
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  • Perfect for pets too
  • Fits opening from 29 to 40
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Price of Munchkin Cats in India..?

I wanna know if I can find a Munchkin Cat in Chennai.
And if yes I wanna know it's price.

Just Google TICA breeders Munchkin and where you live. I doubt it as that's a new breed with few breeders and only TICA that recognizes it. If you do find a breeder you're looking at a MINIMUM of a $1,000 for a kitten - more if they're the only breeder in the country.

Why you want to condone the breeding of dwarfism in cats? Are you not aware of all the horrible backyard breeders now trying to do this and ending up with horribly deformed cats that either end up euthanized or dumped at a shelter? I've seen some of them at the one I volunteer at. It's not pretty.

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