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We are a registered non-profit organization that provides rescue and rehabilitation, shelter, and adoption services for reptiles and amphibians in Nova Scotia, Canada. We also offer educational support and hands-on training to reptile owners as required and upon request.

About Our Shelter:

Ssafe Haven Society for Reptiles and Amphibians is comprised of a team of experienced individuals dedicated to providing rescue and rehabilitation, shelter, and adoption services for reptiles and amphibians in Nova Scotia, Canada. If you are a new exotic pet owner or are considering obtaining a reptile or amphibian as a new addition to your family, we also offer support, education and hands-on training.

What Can We Do?

* Provide temporary shelter and care to rescued or unwanted reptiles and amphibians in Nova Scotia. Some exceptions apply.

* Provide rehabilitation to reptiles and amphibians in need. Some exceptions apply.

* Coordinate reptile and amphibian adoptions and rescues in Nova Scotia.

* Provide information and care sheets regarding the care and handling of reptiles and amphibians upon request.

* Provide hands-on training upon request.

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Thinking about getting a new pet reptile or amphibian? This is a rare opportunity to educate yourself on your next exotic pet and buy species not commonly available in pet stores. Stock up on feeders and buy enclosures, supplements and reptile supplies at amazing prices! Have your picture taken with your favorite reptile. Bring your young people to the Children's Corner for face painting, coloring and games. This event is fun for the whole family and there is something for everyone! A series of informative seminars for reptile hobbyists will be scheduled throughout the day.

NEW THIS YEAR - Come to meet Lisa and Dave of Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo Nova Scotia and view their display. They will feature a wide array of exotic animals, including reticulated pythons, caimans, tortoises, tarantulas, scorpions…and much more!

The Halifax Reptile Expo is the premier venue for reptile-related products, pets, and services and we are shaping up to be the biggest and best ever! The first 100 people will receive a FREE gift bag of reptile-related samples and goodies by ZooMed International Inc.

Admission: Adults $6.00, children ages 14 and under $3.00.

We are proud to be sponsored by ZooMed International Inc.

For more information or to register as a vendor or guest speaker, please contact or visit us online at

Our Adoption Process:

There are no fees associated with our adoptions.

Ssafe Haven Society has a comprehensive process to help us find the most suitable candidates to adopt your reptile or amphibian. Our application form is on our website and we ensure that the diet and basic husbandry needs of the animal will be fully met before approval is given. We also require at least two references.

If a candidate applies and is approved for adoption, we ask them to sign an adoption agreement stating that they must treat their new pet humanely. If their situation changes and they can no longer care for the reptile/amphibian, Ssafe Haven Society must rehome the animal as adopters are not permitted to do so on their own. That way, we can ensure that the reptiles and amphibians we adopt find the best possible care throughout the rest of their life span.

Cat food causing urinary blockage :(

by dave002

I'm looking for suggestions on what to feed my cat. He has had problems with Purina Cat Chow, Hills Science Diet, Purina One, and one or two others.
After a week or two on them, crytals in his urine begin to build up and eventually cause a blockage which left untreated will kill him. So, I feed him some special canned food that breaks down the crytals - and costs $1.50 a 5 oz. can.
I've tried a few dried foods that even claim to be for "unrinay health" or whatever. The vety says the oringal Purina Cat Chow had one type of acid that caused the build up of crystals, the spedcial
"unrinay health" food had a different acid and does the same thing

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