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Nice day...nice to meet you, I'm Brady (disclaimer: I'm not a professional athlete or anything), and I'm Annie's sister who is staying here with me until I find a new home (my family is moving so Annie and I are relocating to a forever home. I'm an eight year old female who is a little on the shy side especially when it comes to children, but am a nice natured, gentle kitty who loves to be brushed and play with toys. I am not very fond of dogs (or vacuums for that matter), and I am an indoor kitty (mostly because my front paws are de-clawed) who prefers a view of the outside from a comfortable window perch. So, if you would like to have a shy, but adorable feline companion.I'm your kitty!. See more in Manchester.

Работает гомеопатия.

Cat food causing urinary blockage :(

by dave002

I'm looking for suggestions on what to feed my cat. He has had problems with Purina Cat Chow, Hills Science Diet, Purina One, and one or two others.
After a week or two on them, crytals in his urine begin to build up and eventually cause a blockage which left untreated will kill him. So, I feed him some special canned food that breaks down the crytals - and costs $1.50 a 5 oz. can.
I've tried a few dried foods that even claim to be for "unrinay health" or whatever. The vety says the oringal Purina Cat Chow had one type of acid that caused the build up of crystals, the spedcial
"unrinay health" food had a different acid and does the same thing

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