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My female Munchkin cat nursing her offspring

Munchkin kittenBy Fendi
(Johore, Malaysia)

I am really interested in this breed. I became aware of the existence of this breed in 2006. Late huh... hehe... But then I tried to find one as pet. But here, in Malaysia, this breed is too rare and many Malaysians here cannot recognize this breed, even the owner of the petshop here.

Especially, here in Johore, one of the states in Malaysia. Most of the petshop owners said that this kind of breed has no market.

I don't know, but for me, this breed is so, so and so adorable. And, they also said that the Munchkin breed must mate with Munchkin breed. It's not true right???

Because, from my readings, they are autosomal dominant and if two munchkin are mated together, they tend to get 25% fatal feotus..Am I right?

If not, please let me know then. I mate my female munchkin with my Persian stud, and, get 3 standard munchkin kitten and 3 non-standard Munchkin kitten. So the theory is true then.

With the standard Munchkin mating together with a normal legged cat, I can get 50% standard munchkin and 50% non-standard munchkin (normal legged cat) kittens. Above is a picture of my female Munchkin nursing her offspring... Thank you..

My female munchkin nursing her offspringUpdate: - Hiro Nakamura. Son of Suci (The munchkin)

Here a picture of my Munchkin queen's son. Hiro Nakamura...(Japanese name) hehehehe... He is a semi-long hair Munchkin because his mum (standard Munchkin) is the carrier of longhair coat n his father is traditional Persian.

Hiro Nakamura


Hi Fendi... Everything that you say is correct. Great. You know more than the others! In fact as you say it is essential to do as you are doing.

Thanks for returning to the site. It is very nice to hear from cat people in Asia and places that are a long way away from Europe and the USA.

I have a question. You come from Johore. Google maps finds Johor. Is this where you live? Please leave a comment by clicking on the link below.

Comments about munchkins and breeding in general

by grey_again

I was going to post this as a response to some cat pics below, but it really should be a separate topic.
Let me start off by saying that I understand that everyone loves their pet and I'm not criticizing anyone for owning whatever type of domestic animal they have. However, this munchkin cat thing bugs me every time it comes up, because ... (launch into rant)
Whenever new dog-mix "breeds" (puggles, labradoodles, etc.) are mentioned, people go ballistic about how these are just mutts and breeding them is incredibly irresponsible.
In fact, if they are properly bred (health and temperament accounted for, new homes properly screened), I don't see that it's so evil to try to...


What is the smallest cat breed that can be bought?

It depends on whether you mean smallest in all proportions, smallest in height, smallest recognised breed or smallest unrecognised breed.

The smallest recognised breed ar Singapuras which were bred from Burmese and Abyssinian cats that were taken to Singapore with their American owners, bred out there and their offspring exported into the USA. smallest in height are the Munchkin type cats listed by The Dwarf Cat Association at Toy Persians and Teacup Persians are miniatures and smaller than Singapuras and Munchkins. They aren't recognised by cat registries and they have…

Me and my boyfriend have been searchin for a munchkin cat breeder fairly local but cant seem to come up with a

We wud really appreciate it if a breeder or someone wud come forward and help us to find a little friend. x

Check just looked on there, and there are several munchkins waiting for homes. There aren't many, but maybe one is close to your area.

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