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* All kittens are sold under a spay & neutered agreement as pets.

* No kittens are sold as show quality until they go into the showring by Munchlets Cattery.

* A non-refundable deposit is required to hold a kitten/cat.

* If a standard kitten is adopted then a non-standard kitten may go with it as a buddy, if interested.

* Click here to view a copy of the Pet Contract


Payments must be recieved in full before any cat or kitten will be allowed to go to their new home. I do accept Paypal as a method for payment.

ADULTS: No adults for sale at this time.

KITTENS: No Kittens Available At This Time! Call 303-622-9577 for more info.

SOLD - MALE - ADULT, Altered

Rugrunners Elijah Blu of Munchlets
Non-Standard Munchkin
Color: Blue Point

Standard Shorthair Munchkin
Color: Brown Silver Mackerel Tabby

Comments about munchkins and breeding in general

by grey_again

I was going to post this as a response to some cat pics below, but it really should be a separate topic.
Let me start off by saying that I understand that everyone loves their pet and I'm not criticizing anyone for owning whatever type of domestic animal they have. However, this munchkin cat thing bugs me every time it comes up, because ... (launch into rant)
Whenever new dog-mix "breeds" (puggles, labradoodles, etc.) are mentioned, people go ballistic about how these are just mutts and breeding them is incredibly irresponsible.
In fact, if they are properly bred (health and temperament accounted for, new homes properly screened), I don't see that it's so evil to try to...


Munchkin cat.............?

Do munchkin cats have bad promblems because of the way they were bred? i dont have one, i hav a normal cat, but if munchkin cats have breathing or lung problems , why would someone breed them and tourture such a cute little animal. they are adorable though <3

As any severly altered breed of anything - don't bother. You're only asking for trouble.

Take a domestic feline as it was created and stay with that.

Munchkin Cats?

Does anyone have one of these cats? If so, what is your cats personality like and where did you get it from?

I'm thinking about getting one, but not sure where to start looking
I'd want to buy a cat because i LIKE munchkin cats and would prefer to own one, rather than yet another regular ol shelter cat like the 4 I already have

I looked into getting one but they end up having way too many health problems and dont live nearly as long as average sized cats. theyre absolutely adorable but just have too many problems for me....if I had the money to put into all the medical bills i would get one... i just dont have that kind of cash.

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