Munchkin Cat Show

Munchkin cat Breed Information from ASPCA, TICA

Munchkin Cat Breed Information (from ASPCA Guide for Cats Book)

Munchkin Breed: The two largest cat associations, CFA and TICA, have split on recognizing the Munchkin Breed for competition. While TICA recognizes Munchkin Cats and allows participation of the breed in cat shows, CFA does not.

Munchkin Cat Weight: 8-10 lbs

Overview: Munchkin Cats

The feline version of the Dachshund, munchkin breed of cat is controversial and new. The short-legged breed (named after the little people of Oz) is friendly, confident, talkative, and intelligent, with a wonderful sense of humor. Munchkins are extremely easygoing and so make great companions for children. Short legs apparently do not handicap Munchkins, which can run with considerable speed and climb trees, although their jumping ability is somewhat limited. Countertops may be beyond their reach, but some owners may consider this an asset. They are able to groom themselves, and can stretch with hind legs to scratch behind their ears.

My Munchkin White Cat (pictured below, see more of my Marshmallow cat here)

Apart from its shortened limbs, the Munchkin resembles a domestic long- or shorthaired cat. All patterns and coat colors are acceptable.

The Munchkin breed descends from a stray cat with unusually short legs. Since cat fanciers got their first glimpse of this dwarfish feline at a show at New York's Madison Square Garden in 1991, the breed has created quite a stir, and its acceptance is not unanimous. The Munchkin's shortened legs are caused by a spontaneous dominant mutation that has appeared before-in England in the 1930s and in Russia in the 1950s. Munchkins are still a breed in progress; most major breed associations do not recognize them for competition. See TICA Munchkin Breed overview here.

Comments about munchkins and breeding in general

by grey_again

I was going to post this as a response to some cat pics below, but it really should be a separate topic.
Let me start off by saying that I understand that everyone loves their pet and I'm not criticizing anyone for owning whatever type of domestic animal they have. However, this munchkin cat thing bugs me every time it comes up, because ... (launch into rant)
Whenever new dog-mix "breeds" (puggles, labradoodles, etc.) are mentioned, people go ballistic about how these are just mutts and breeding them is incredibly irresponsible.
In fact, if they are properly bred (health and temperament accounted for, new homes properly screened), I don't see that it's so evil to try to...

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Munchkin cat.............?

Do munchkin cats have bad promblems because of the way they were bred? i dont have one, i hav a normal cat, but if munchkin cats have breathing or lung problems , why would someone breed them and tourture such a cute little animal. they are adorable though <3

As any severly altered breed of anything - don't bother. You're only asking for trouble.

Take a domestic feline as it was created and stay with that.

Munchkin Cats?

Does anyone have one of these cats? If so, what is your cats personality like and where did you get it from?

I'm thinking about getting one, but not sure where to start looking
I'd want to buy a cat because i LIKE munchkin cats and would prefer to own one, rather than yet another regular ol shelter cat like the 4 I already have

I looked into getting one but they end up having way too many health problems and dont live nearly as long as average sized cats. theyre absolutely adorable but just have too many problems for me....if I had the money to put into all the medical bills i would get one... i just dont have that kind of cash.

Munchkin cats?

I looking for a munchin kitten in orlando FL, does anybody know is there a breeder in Orlando, FL? thanks

I would do a google search for Munchkin cat breeders. Or get a Cat Fancy Magazine they have Munchkin cat breeders advertisments in the back of the magazine. Be careful buying Munchkins. They have inherited Heart problems that come with the minature legs. 70% of Munchins born with the dwarfed legs have weak or enlarged hearts. Its just a thing that runs in the genetics because of the severe inbreeding amoung close relatives to get the dwarfed legs. Be sure they are fully vetted and if they arent i would go right to the vet after you buy one and have his heart checked.
Here is just…

Munchkin cats?

What will you get when you breed munchkin cats with siamese. Will you get muchkins that look like siamese of a mixture... no smart xx answers please
I am not breeding....JUST CURIOUS

The munchkin breed has a genetic disorder that causes the short legs, there would be a chance that this gene could be passed down to some of the kittens but not necessary all of them. Siamese breeds tend to throw their color to their off springs, they may not have the bold coloring like the parent but similarly markings

Munchkin Cat?

I know this isn't recognized as a real breed in the largest cat registries and many others, i was just wondering cats with this mutation, do they have any other health problems besides the short legs? and yes prone to back problems - but anything else?

I have a munchkin persian,and she has not had any health problems.I was not aware they were more prone to disease than other cats.

FYI there are munchkin persian,they have shorter legs,and act more kitten like throughout their life.
As usual,someone gets a "top contributor" badge and they think they know it all.

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