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Thinking Up Unique Female Dog Names

The problem with trying to find female dog names is not so much where to find them, but which one to choose. There are great ideas everywhere.

Don’t agree? Then how about I show you where to get started…

But first let’s narrow the field down a bit first. Let’s talk about your dog. Describe her to me. What’s her color, size, and personality? Is she a Great Dane or a Chihuahua?

These things will, of course, impact on the name you eventually decide on. You want to choose a name that suits the dog don’t you?

Right, let’s get started by going a bit against the grain. Most people think of female dogs as being cute, cuddly little lap dogs. But some female dogs are quite willing and able to mix it with the boys. What if your female dog is a Mastiff or a Bull Terrier?

Good tough names girl include; Mayday, a female baddie from the James Bond movies, Xena, warrior princess from the TV series, and Sabbath, after the legendary Heavy Metal band, Black Sabbath.

And here are some that are more suited to the “too cute for words” girl dogs we spoke about earlier. There are tons of these, so here’s a quick sample – Bam Bam, Coco, Disney, Eggnog, Gidget, Hootie, I-Pod, Junebug, Maybelle, Munchkin, Newbie, Peaches, Q-Tip, Squidoo, Swoosie, Tuppence, Uschi, Womble, Zsa Zsa. As you can see, there is no shortage of cute female dog names.

But let’s say you’re after something a little different, something truly unique. Abraxsas, Io, or Quarterflash do it for you? No? Then how about Isis, Nonotchka or Souixsie?There really is a name out there for every dog. Here’s another goldmine of names waiting to be found – think about your own hobbies and interests.

Do you love fashion?… Prada, Dontatella, Tiffany. Enjoy Music?…Alanis, Dolly, Celine. Movie lover?…Whoopi, Drew, Marilyn. TV addict?…Lucy, Betty, Scully.

By now you’re probably beginning to see how easy it is to come up with a name for your female dog. What’s that? You still need more? Okay then… How about first ladies?…Jackie O, Abigail (Adams), or Ladybird (Johnson). What about Royalty?…Beatrix, Cleopatra, or Maxima.

God FORBID the other half gets PUT TO SLEEP

by ChaosReigns

You really have your priorities screwed up, don't you? Instead of caring that half of the litter will end up probably in a pound due to MOST breeders selling them for $50 a pop because they are not STANDARD for their breed- all you can cry about is that the cat can't HUNT?
Give me a frigging break. Ya know what? ALL DOGS WERE MADE TO BE HUNTERS. Last time I checked- there were quite a few breeds that would be rather poor at it- I hope you are just as down on them as you are on this poor woman's Munchkin mix.

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