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God FORBID the other half gets PUT TO SLEEP

by ChaosReigns

You really have your priorities screwed up, don't you? Instead of caring that half of the litter will end up probably in a pound due to MOST breeders selling them for $50 a pop because they are not STANDARD for their breed- all you can cry about is that the cat can't HUNT?
Give me a frigging break. Ya know what? ALL DOGS WERE MADE TO BE HUNTERS. Last time I checked- there were quite a few breeds that would be rather poor at it- I hope you are just as down on them as you are on this poor woman's Munchkin mix.

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I am looking for a decently priced scottish fold munchkin kitten?! Please help me find my future baby!?

Munchykins, do you sell your munchkin kittens? If so how much? And where are you? Haha

You can go and check on New York City
Adorable scottish fold kittens for sale!!!! - $ 900
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Category : Cats & kittens
Date : 09/05/13
Area : New York City
Address : Brooklyn, NY 11224 map
Age : Baby
Offered By : Owner
Adorable scottish fold kittens for sale 6 week old now!!! (10/09/13)
Ad Number : 29656808
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How much are Scottish Fold (Munchkin) kittens worth?

How much are Scottish Fold Munchkin kittens worth?

Or just Scottish Fold. I really want one of these ADORABLE kittens!
It'd be nice to know the price so I can start saving now. :)

If possible please give me the common price for both.. I heard Munchkin's are super expensive because there are some issues :(
I don't want to hurt a kitty.. I live in Canada btw..

At least a 1000 dollars. I personally don't like pure breds because a cross breed will live longer and be part of your family for longer.

I'm looking for a Scottish fold munchkin kitten in VA plz help!?

It has to be in Virginia and reasonably priced leave the person's phone # and a link to the website (optional) and the price. TKS! :)
Omicom they exist my friend has one.
Sorry typo Ocimom is what I meant

Sorry no such breed or combo that I know of. NO reputable breeder of Folds will let a backyard breeder use their cats to create mutt/domestic cats.

Added - so what if your friend happens to have one - its from a backyard breeder and you are mixing two major deformities together which spells a disaster waiting to happen. Folded ear cats can have tail and spine problems combined to a deformity of very short legs.

IMO this kind of thing should NOT be encouraged.

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