Hairless Munchkin kittens for sale

Hairless Cats For Sale In Canada | Sphynx Kittens

Buttons. Blue cream tabby

Purdy. Lilac

Pearl. Solid Black. Copper eyes

Emily. Solid seal with aqua eyes. Imported from Russia. All champion lines.

Anna. Solid blue with blue eyes.

Bambino Queens

Willow. Torbi F2 Bambino

Butters. Marble cinnamon tabby with greem eyes

Sarah Larah Lamb. Non standard Bambino. TICA Elf cat.

Sugar. Solid red with green eyes. Non standard Bambino queen

Lulu. Solid black with green eyes.

Lanna. Black cream Tabby. Green eyes.

Easter and Sookie are F1 Bambinos ! This means they are half Munchkin and half Sphynx. One parent was a Munchkin cat and the other parent was a Sphynx. These are very special little ladies. Munchkins are a newer breed and are quite rare. They have short legs and a long body. These girls are special because to date there are only less than 250 new Bambino hydrids in the world. They are part of a breeding program to develope the new Bambino breed. These little cuties may have a coat but they not only carry the naturally occuring gene for short legs but also the naturally occuring gene for naked, like a Sphynx. Their offspring will be F2 Bambino kittens. All F1 Bambinos will be born with hair. 50/50 short legs/long legs called Standard (short legs) and non standard (long legs)Sookie is a new addition. Sookie in due to have kittens in Jan. 2013. Her kittens may also have curly ears. If short, nude and curly eared these are reffered to as Dwelfs.

God FORBID the other half gets PUT TO SLEEP

by ChaosReigns

You really have your priorities screwed up, don't you? Instead of caring that half of the litter will end up probably in a pound due to MOST breeders selling them for $50 a pop because they are not STANDARD for their breed- all you can cry about is that the cat can't HUNT?
Give me a frigging break. Ya know what? ALL DOGS WERE MADE TO BE HUNTERS. Last time I checked- there were quite a few breeds that would be rather poor at it- I hope you are just as down on them as you are on this poor woman's Munchkin mix.

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Hairless Sphynx & Hairless Dwarf Bambino Cats & Kittens
Hairless Sphynx & Hairless Dwarf Bambino Cats & Kittens


I am looking for a decently priced scottish fold munchkin kitten?! Please help me find my future baby!?

Munchykins, do you sell your munchkin kittens? If so how much? And where are you? Haha

You can go and check on New York City
Adorable scottish fold kittens for sale!!!! - $ 900
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Category : Cats & kittens
Date : 09/05/13
Area : New York City
Address : Brooklyn, NY 11224 map
Age : Baby
Offered By : Owner
Adorable scottish fold kittens for sale 6 week old now!!! (10/09/13)
Ad Number : 29656808
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