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Scottish Folds are intelligent, sweet-tempered, soft-spoken, and easily adaptable to new people and situations. They are very loyal and tend to bond with one person in the household. While they will usually allow others to cuddle and pet them, their primary attachment becomes quickly clear as they single out their chosen humans. They thrive on attention, but it must be on their own terms.

Despite their devotion, they are not clingy, demanding cats and usually prefer to be near you rather than on your lap. They enjoy a good game of fetch now and then as well, and keep their playful side well into adulthood. Despite the breeding and health difficulties, Folds have certainly earned their standing in the cat fancy.

Scottish Fold Cat Breed Traits

The Scottish Fold's folded ears are produced by a dominant gene that affects the cartilage of the ears, causing the ears to fold forward and downward, giving the head a rounded appearance. Since the gene is dominant, all Scottish Fold cats must have at least one folded ear parent to have folded ears themselves. When a Fold is bred to a straight-eared cat, approximately 50 percent of the kittens will have folded ears, although the number of Folds in any given litter can vary greatly.

Breeding Fold to Fold increases the number of Fold kittens, but also greatly increases the chances of skeletal deformities. Homozygous Folds (Folds that inherit the folded ear gene from both parents) are much more likely to develop congenital osteodystrophy, a genetic condition that causes crippling distortion and enlargement of the bones. Avoiding Fold-to-Fold breeding reduces the problem; however, controversy surrounds the breed because of this defect. Thickness or lack of mobility of the legs or tail are sure signs of trouble. You can determine tail flexibility by moving your hand down the tail in a very gentle, slightly upward-arching movement.

God FORBID the other half gets PUT TO SLEEP

by ChaosReigns

You really have your priorities screwed up, don't you? Instead of caring that half of the litter will end up probably in a pound due to MOST breeders selling them for $50 a pop because they are not STANDARD for their breed- all you can cry about is that the cat can't HUNT?
Give me a frigging break. Ya know what? ALL DOGS WERE MADE TO BE HUNTERS. Last time I checked- there were quite a few breeds that would be rather poor at it- I hope you are just as down on them as you are on this poor woman's Munchkin mix.


Desperate Search for Scottish Fold Munchkin Kitten!!!?

I am searching for a Scottish Fold Munchkin kitten. I am absolutely in love with them. I recently lost my beloved cat, and am ready now to move ahead. I have always gone through rescues, but I am sure there will not be any of these available. Does anyone know of any reputable breeders? In Texas preferably? Thank you so much!

A good place to start any search about short-legged cats is The Dwarf Cat Association

Scottish Folds called Scottish Kilts are described here

is no such breed as Scottish Fold Munchkins at present (they are crossbreeds) and there's a good reason for them not being a recognised breed. There are skeletal problems linked to the Scottish Fold mutation and when mixed with the Munchkin short legs this could result in a very unhappy and disabled cat so reputable breeders won't cross these 2 breeds due to the high risk.

Only one breeder is trying…

Munchkin kitten with a small rib cage..?

Hi. Mi munchkin kitten has an abnormaly small rib cage. She will act completely normal for a while, but then, at random, will fall over on her side and scream out painfully. These episodes last anywhere from 10 minutes, to an hour and a half, and it kills me to see mi baby in so much pain. We have taken her to the vet serveral times, but they cannot do anything for her. Munchkin kittens were bred to be small, but these 'features' are really birth defects that can sometimes be harmful to the cats themselves. The vet said that her rib cage is so small, that her lungs cannot fully…

Put her down, if it continues to be painful. Don't get another Munchkin, PLEASE!!! I know people think they are cute...but there is a reason CFA does not support this breed. They are NOT genetically sound. Cats must be bred to maintain health and VIGOR as well as beauty. they should represent all that is good about FELINES! Munchkins are not a "mutation" naturally occuring that does not affect the health of the cat like SOME breeds...they are a DEFORMITY which limits and causes REAL problems as you are currently experiencing. I cannot even begin to go on about the issues…

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