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What is a Munchkin?

Answer: The Munchkin is a naturally occurring domestic cat breed characterized by unusually short legs. A spontaneous change in the genetic heritage of the cat has introduced a gene which is similar to that seen in the Bassett Hound, Corgi, and Dachshund, which the Munchkin closely resembles in body style. The Munchkin is a product of nature rather than a man-made breed. Because of the autosomal dominant inheritance pattern, a cat with the Munchkin gene will produce kittens with the same short legs.

Is the Munchkin new?

Answer: Yes and No. Although the Munchkin is very new from the standpoint of the cat fancy, having been first formally introduced to the public at the Madison Square Garden INCATS TICA show in March 1991, cats with short legs were known in England in the 1930's and four generations were described in the Veterinary Record in 1944. However, this line appears to have disappeared during World War II. A Munchkin was seen in Stalingrad in the Soviet Union in 1953, but is is not known what happened to the cat in question.

Where do the present Munchkins come from?

Answer: In 1983 Sandra Hochenedel, then living in Louisiana, was looking for a new cat. What she found was a pregnant black female (since named Blackberry) with short legs living under a pick-up truck. In her first litter and in each subsequent litter, Blackberry passed the trait of her short legs on to about half of her kittens. One of Blackberry's sons, Toulouse, was given to a woman named Kay LaFrance, who established a colony of Munchkins on her Louisiana plantation. The present Munchkins are descendents of Blackberry and Toulouse, although other Munchkins have been sighted in New York and in Boston.

Are Munchkins smaller than other cats or do they just have short legs?

Answer: Munchkins do tend to appear smaller than other cats and they do seem to actually be smaller, although there is a wide range of size. In our experience, male Munchkins (6 to 8-1/2#) tend to be a bit larger than female Munchkins (4 to 8#).

Are Munchkins at a disadvantage because of their short legs?

What do you guys think of this place?

by Ragdoll_Love

it's in the next town over, I stopped by a couple of weekends ago because I thought it was just a grooming parlor but then I saw a puppies for sale sign, and I thought oh boy... I went in and I asked the girl at the counter where they got their dogs and if they were all from reputable breeders and she said yes and that the owner, Carol, breeds the french bulldogs, English bulldogs, and munchkin and Napoleon cats herself (which I never heard of before) I don;t know they have "designer breeds" is this a puppy mill or BYB operation or what?

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