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About Munchkins
Munchkins are very playful, they like to play with teasers. Standing on their back legs like a kangaroo is what they like to do! Some, but not all can jump up on high places. There can be very small munchkins and large munchkins. Their leg length also varies from munchkin to munchkin. Some may be very short (rughugger) and some are a little longer. They also come in a variety of beautiful colors. Hair length can be long without an undercoat, semi-long, short, very long with an undercoat that mats if not kept. Munchkins should not be allowed outside, especially unsupervised, as their short legs may stop them from running and climbing fast enough to run away from predators. Hawks, eagles and other large birds have been known to be able to swoop in and pick up cats and even some small dogs.

Munchkin Care
Be sure to get your kitten regulary annual checkups from a vet. Keep their vaccinations up to date, worm regularly and use flea control. Play with them with cat teasers, you can buy at a pet store and they will be a wonderful companion for many years.

Be sure to feed your kitten a premium quality cat food. We feed a diet of Iams or Eukanuba. You can feed canned or bagged wet food once a day if you desire. If you decide to switch your kitten's food, it is best to do it gradually over a period of time to prevent stomach upset. Start out by adding a little of the new food to the old and do this for 2 weeks. Then do a 50/50 mixture of the old and new and use this for a couple weeks, etc. By slowly changing the food over, you should see no problem. Please be sure to keep fresh water out for your new kitten/cat at all times.

Outcrossing and Showing
Munchkins are allowed to outcross to other cats. This means a domestic cat can be bred to a Munchkin to produce Munchkin kittens. This outcrossing widens the gene pool and keeps the breed healthy. Abbreviations are used to signify how far back the outcross is in the pedigree. A Munchkin can be shown in TICA after 4 generations. See the Same Breeds Chart.

What do you guys think of this place?

by Ragdoll_Love

it's in the next town over, I stopped by a couple of weekends ago because I thought it was just a grooming parlor but then I saw a puppies for sale sign, and I thought oh boy... I went in and I asked the girl at the counter where they got their dogs and if they were all from reputable breeders and she said yes and that the owner, Carol, breeds the french bulldogs, English bulldogs, and munchkin and Napoleon cats herself (which I never heard of before) I don;t know they have "designer breeds" is this a puppy mill or BYB operation or what?

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Munchkin Cat can jump well! His name is Mac Mac^^
Munchkin Cat can jump well! His name is Mac Mac^^
Munchkin Cat
Munchkin Cat


lea chan
Where do i buy a munchkin cat?

In malaysia

Probably nowhere. They're a very new breed with few breeders and only recognized by TICA. Kittens START at around $1,200.

Why would you want to condone the breeding of dwarfism in cats?

How do minor cat breeds become a real pedigree cat breed?

A cat that no one recognizes, such as a Napoleon or Kucing Malaysia.. How are they recognized to be true pedigrees? What do they have to go through? And is it even possible to reinvigorate an almost dead cat breeding attempt?
If you happen to have knowledge on the Kucing Malaysia cat, please tell me about them!

In order to be a recognized breed they have to be accepted by a majority vote by the registry's board members. IE, TICA has monthly meetings of all its Regional Directors. At that time breeders will propose that a not-yet-accepted breed me accepted as an "Experimental New Breed". Next step would be acceptance as a "Preliminary New Breed" and finally "Championship Breed".

Very unlikely the Napoleon will ever be accepted by any registry as it's combing the Persian or Exotic Shorthair with the Munchkin - a dwarf breed. Most Persian and Exotic…

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