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Cats for Sale in Watertown, NY

I am hoping to find a loving, understanding and patient home for my 2 1/2 year old purebred male Persian Jack. He is very loving and friendly but needs to be in a home where he is the only pet.He is neutered but if there is a un-spaded female in the house he will try to breed her.also if other males are in the home he will mark his territory...I am hoping if he is the only pet he will behave like a gentleman. I am looking for a home that will love him and have the patience to help him adjust and stop his bad habits. I am asking a lot of someone to adopt him but I want him to go to a fur ever home..I will have many questions for the person who adopts him.I love him too much not to find him the best home. If you are interested pls contact me...I am not asking a fee for him. Thank you. I live in the Watertown NY area.. See more Persians in Watertown.

What do you guys think of this place?

by Ragdoll_Love

it's in the next town over, I stopped by a couple of weekends ago because I thought it was just a grooming parlor but then I saw a puppies for sale sign, and I thought oh boy... I went in and I asked the girl at the counter where they got their dogs and if they were all from reputable breeders and she said yes and that the owner, Carol, breeds the french bulldogs, English bulldogs, and munchkin and Napoleon cats herself (which I never heard of before) I don;t know they have "designer breeds" is this a puppy mill or BYB operation or what?

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