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Raccoon Valley Animal Sanctuary & Rescue is Iowa's leading no-kill animal welfare organization serving Iowa and surrounding states.

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In 2004 Raccoon Valley Humane Society reorganized from a traditional (kill) shelter and became Iowa's leading no-kill animal welfare organization.

RVAS is dedicated to the animal welfare industry's problems by providing "solutions" to pet owners problems.

Through programs like our rehabiliation and rehome program, low-cost spaying & neutering, special needs match-up programs, and many others, RVAS has been able to keep 65% of the pets in their home by owners who wanted to surrender them to a shelter.

Our mission is to eliminate the neglect, abuse and abandonment of companion animals caused by human ignorance, intolerance and indifference. And to celebrate the joys created by the human-animal bond by education and example.

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RVAS is active in many of the local "mobile adoption" events, as well as, special events which feature our companions.

RVAS also makes viewing of our companions available through appointments.

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RVAS has three Phases to their adoption process to ensure that all companions find the right homes for life. With a less than 1% return rate on our adoptions, RVAS makes sure that you and your companion will have a "lifetime" match so these companions never enter shelter life again. We do not adopt on a "first-come-first-serve" basis. Instead, RVAS focuses on the human-animal bond making the best match for both the human and the companion...for life!

Munchkin and urinary blockage - NOW WITH PICS !!

by dave002

I posted a message Sat. about my cat Munchkin & his urinary tract problems. He has trouble with crystals in his urine causing blockages. When it was an emergency, I fed him Royal Canin SO. That cleared up the problem. That costs ~$1.50 a can and he almost had to be force fed. I have 2 cats and feeding them separate foods is difficult.
So, I’m looking for something I can give both cats that isn’t too $$. Thought I'd share some pics & the original story.
Two yrs ago I started waking up to find my bed wet. I thought once or twice isn’t that bad. After the 4th time in about 10 days I began to think I had a problem

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