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In July, The British magazine "Cat World" published an unbalanced sensationalist article by British writer Roger Tabor against Munchkins and their derivative breeds. Tabor condemned them as "designer cats" and wrote that the public had been aghast when they first saw munchkins in his TV series and accompanying book about The Rise of the Cat (1991). He termed it "breeding to disadvantage an animal" and claimed that breeders were perpetuating a mutation for aesthetic reasons that would (or should) have been allowed to perish: "in recent times, some have been taken to produce novelty regardless of the cost to the cat". He added that non-threatening names were chosen for these short-legged mutants as part of a calculated marketing ploy and sincerely hoped that registries would not recognise some of the short-legged breeds.

Tabor quoted material for The Dwarf Cat Association website (without providing the website's name which would have allowed readers to visit it and make up their own mind) including their statement that intentional breeding or promotion of "physically limiting deformities" or health issues will not be accepted by the association. He claimed this was Orwellian doublespeak because the short-legged trait was a physically limiting deformity that prevented them climbing or moving like normal cats. Yet the wild Jaguarundi species of cat manages just fine with short legs and a long body as do non-feline predators with this body type (martens, polecats etc). Such mutations are part of ongoing evolution and may benefit the cat in its wild state by allowing them to exploit new ecological niches.

Munchkin and urinary blockage - NOW WITH PICS !!

by dave002

I posted a message Sat. about my cat Munchkin & his urinary tract problems. He has trouble with crystals in his urine causing blockages. When it was an emergency, I fed him Royal Canin SO. That cleared up the problem. That costs ~$1.50 a can and he almost had to be force fed. I have 2 cats and feeding them separate foods is difficult.
So, I’m looking for something I can give both cats that isn’t too $$. Thought I'd share some pics & the original story.
Two yrs ago I started waking up to find my bed wet. I thought once or twice isn’t that bad. After the 4th time in about 10 days I began to think I had a problem


lea chan
Where do i buy a munchkin cat?

In malaysia

Probably nowhere. They're a very new breed with few breeders and only recognized by TICA. Kittens START at around $1,200.

Why would you want to condone the breeding of dwarfism in cats?

How do minor cat breeds become a real pedigree cat breed?

A cat that no one recognizes, such as a Napoleon or Kucing Malaysia.. How are they recognized to be true pedigrees? What do they have to go through? And is it even possible to reinvigorate an almost dead cat breeding attempt?
If you happen to have knowledge on the Kucing Malaysia cat, please tell me about them!

In order to be a recognized breed they have to be accepted by a majority vote by the registry's board members. IE, TICA has monthly meetings of all its Regional Directors. At that time breeders will propose that a not-yet-accepted breed me accepted as an "Experimental New Breed". Next step would be acceptance as a "Preliminary New Breed" and finally "Championship Breed".

Very unlikely the Napoleon will ever be accepted by any registry as it's combing the Persian or Exotic Shorthair with the Munchkin - a dwarf breed. Most Persian and Exotic…

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