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Hi, I'd just like to add to this page by showing the best Munchkin cat jumping videos (and more) that I can find and there are certainly a healthy number of them. The first one shows a nice comparison, in size, between a normal sized cat and a Munchkin. There is quite a difference. Although in this case the normal leg length cat may be a big cat because Munchkin cats are generally of similar size (except for leg length) to normal cats:

This video has been removed because it no longer exists.

The next video hasn't been seen that much but it should have because it shows the appearance of the Munchkin really well and it also shows that this cat's leg length doesn't impair jumping ability that much (but it will invariable effect it a bit at least). In fact an overweight cat with normal length legs would be a less athletic jumper than a Munchkin, judging by this video (this black and white Munchkin is a bit of a star in Japan. His name is "Mac Mac"):

Now, talking about jumping, MiniCat is a medium long haired orange Munchkin who I think, it is fair to say, is a little bit overweight, which seems to have impaired her ability to jump to the seat of a chair, quite a low height:

The next video is interesting as it shows a ginger tabby Munchkin cat in a prairie dog position (on hind legs standing/sitting upright and looking). Munchkins are known for this because of their short legs. It is obviously more easy and feels natural for a Munchkin to stand in this position for a long time without discomfort. An interesting element in this video is the ear flaps of the cat. They are almost Scottish Fold like. This may be because the dwarfism is caused by the defective growth of cartilage and ear flaps are made of cartilage. it would seem that the defective gene that caused the dwarfism has had an effect on the ear flaps too:

The next video shows a Munchkin cat jumping but not in a purposeful way and note the ear flaps of this cat too. They are Scottish Fold ear flaps. Sometimes people breed Scottish Fold to a dwarf cat. This is wrong, I think, as you are combining two cartilage defects and may get a real health problem that was otherwise unknown:

The offspring of Milton a TICA champion Munchkin - photo by Terri Harris


by mr2gurl

Im dissapointed because I cant find one that mentions the rabbit burrow hypothesis. Hehe
Munchkin is a naturally occurring, domestic cat breed characterized by unusually short legs. These short-legged cats have been documented in 1930s in England. But World War II took its toll on the cat and threatened the extinction of this species. These cats were rediscovered in Europe in 1980s. Breeders undertook measures to conserve this breed and since then this breed has flourished. Recently it has been accepted as breed by TICA. "


lea chan
Where do i buy a munchkin cat?

In malaysia

Probably nowhere. They're a very new breed with few breeders and only recognized by TICA. Kittens START at around $1,200.

Why would you want to condone the breeding of dwarfism in cats?

How do minor cat breeds become a real pedigree cat breed?

A cat that no one recognizes, such as a Napoleon or Kucing Malaysia.. How are they recognized to be true pedigrees? What do they have to go through? And is it even possible to reinvigorate an almost dead cat breeding attempt?
If you happen to have knowledge on the Kucing Malaysia cat, please tell me about them!

In order to be a recognized breed they have to be accepted by a majority vote by the registry's board members. IE, TICA has monthly meetings of all its Regional Directors. At that time breeders will propose that a not-yet-accepted breed me accepted as an "Experimental New Breed". Next step would be acceptance as a "Preliminary New Breed" and finally "Championship Breed".

Very unlikely the Napoleon will ever be accepted by any registry as it's combing the Persian or Exotic Shorthair with the Munchkin - a dwarf breed. Most Persian and Exotic…

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