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  1. LittleMansLand
    Breeder of Exotic shorthaired Persians and Napoleon cats. Napoleons are the combination of Exotic Persians elagance and grace along with the comical stubby legs of the dwarf Munchkin cat! Napoleons are round, semi-cobby bodied cats with high cheeks and huge eyes-giving this breed its sweet pouty expression.
    Brimfield MA, USA
  2. Falcor Munchkins
    My cats and kittens are raised underfoot. And in the house. I have a vriety of colors. You cann't find a more loving bunch of kittens anywhere.
    Mindenmines MO, USA
  3. Munchkinlane Cattery
    Munchkinlane is a well known cattery producing high quality, friendly, healthy cats in exquisute colors. Check out the web page for Purple kittens!
    Seffner FL, USA
  4. Magnificent Munchkins
    Raising happy healthy rughugger munchkins.
    Indianapolis IN, USA.
  5. Alexander-fred WCF / Russicurl CFA Cattery
    American curl, maine-coon, kurilian bobtail, persian, munchkin cattery. World Champion WCF, Grand Champion CFA breedlines.
    Moscow, Russia
  6. La Chatouillerie Munchkin
    Venez découvrir avec moi, le munchkin, dans ma nouvelle chatterie, il vous embalera. Petit chat aux pattes courtes. Élevage familiale enregistré TICA.
    Breeder of Munchkin cats.
    St-Romuald Quebec, Canada
  7. LTC Cattery
    Breeder of Munchkin cats.
    Pennsylvania, USA
  8. Booty Boy Munchkins
    We are a small cattery breeding small pet, show, and breeding quality cats and kittens. We are TICA registered.
    Mazon IL, USA
  9. Bayshore
    Breeder of Australian Shepherd, Iceland Sheepdog, Border Collie, Chinese Crested, Whippet, Jack Russell Terrier dogs, and Munchkin cats, Dexter cattle, Fainting Goats, Emu, Waterfowl and sheep.
    Tom's Brook VA, USA
  10. AnnaCara / Blackkats
    Persian, Munchkin & Napoleon cattery with most colors available.
    Anderson ID, USA
  11. Les Beaux Chats Cattery
    Breeder of Siamese, Balinese, Oriental, Cornish Rex, Manx, Munchkin, LaPerm cats.


by mr2gurl

Im dissapointed because I cant find one that mentions the rabbit burrow hypothesis. Hehe
Munchkin is a naturally occurring, domestic cat breed characterized by unusually short legs. These short-legged cats have been documented in 1930s in England. But World War II took its toll on the cat and threatened the extinction of this species. These cats were rediscovered in Europe in 1980s. Breeders undertook measures to conserve this breed and since then this breed has flourished. Recently it has been accepted as breed by TICA. "


lea chan
Where do i buy a munchkin cat?

In malaysia

Probably nowhere. They're a very new breed with few breeders and only recognized by TICA. Kittens START at around $1,200.

Why would you want to condone the breeding of dwarfism in cats?

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