Munchkin cat Breeders Michigan

Turkish van water cats and munchkins

TICA registered kittens, cats, and Cattery ... Waitlist and available kittens

3 lines ... Odd eyes. .. Dwarfs .. And classic water cats..
This is a healthy breed .. Turkish are the oldest of all domestic cats .. And even have their own town in Turkey complet with statues ...they can live as long as 20 years ... Please consider this commitment ..I deliver Via America pet cargo .. And accept paypal

Thank you text for current and up coming kittens and cats
I have really all colors from silver shaded to chocolate and calico .. $350-$1, 250
All eye colors including odd eyes ...
2014 Waitlist is available

Valentines, Spring and Summer kittens

Hurry to top the Waitlist for first picks thank you

You may place your $50.00
Refundable until you pick deposit at paypal
Vickielynnsandoval@yahoo. Com
Please forward to me your complete contact information after you have placed deposit ..


by mr2gurl

Im dissapointed because I cant find one that mentions the rabbit burrow hypothesis. Hehe
Munchkin is a naturally occurring, domestic cat breed characterized by unusually short legs. These short-legged cats have been documented in 1930s in England. But World War II took its toll on the cat and threatened the extinction of this species. These cats were rediscovered in Europe in 1980s. Breeders undertook measures to conserve this breed and since then this breed has flourished. Recently it has been accepted as breed by TICA. "

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