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Cherishabuls Himalayans

Cherishabuls is a small CFA registered cattery in NW suburban Chicago breeding to the CFA standard and for the current himalayan of today. The himalayan should have a round head, small ears and short nose. We produce most colors including lynx points with the exception of chocolate and lilac. We do not breed miniature cats, or colors not accepted by CFA! We are a PKD tested cattery. Our kittens never leave home before 12 weeks of age, have two - three shots and are vet checked and have a one year genetic health guarantee. Visit our website.

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Adora Kitty - Himalayan and Persian Cats and Kittens (Illinois)
ARoyalty - CFA Pedigreed Kittens 9 wks old Adorable! (Illinois)
Cherishabuls Himalayans - Cherishabuls is a small CFA registered cattery in NW suburban Chicago breeding to the CFA standard and for the current himalayan of today. (Illinois)
Ecuarico Tropicats - Welcome to our Ecuarico Home of Beautiful kittens! (Illinois)
Hanover Himalayan kittens - WE raise ACFA Himalayan kittens sweet and adorable lilac & seal points!Beautiful hair coats !Health guarantee (Illinois)
Happy Himis >^..^ - My name is Sherry, and I raise ACFA Himalayan kittens (since 2001), located in Hanover, Illinois (Illinois) - Himalayan-Persian kittens Home Raised with TLC Playful & Loving for Pet-Breeder-Show (Illinois)
KingdomKatz Persians and Himalayans - Small CFA Registered DNA PKD tested, FIV, FELV Negative Show Cattery whose primary focus is on raising Happy, Healthy, Quality Kittens (Illinois)
Topknot Cattery (Illinois) unless otherwise indicated.
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Animal abuse

by siriusnut

Clearly that kitty tree is not equiped with a suitable velvet fluffy pillow and enough toys, I can understand the kitties objections, I mean really, and Munchkin clearly isn't getting ALL of the petting in this scenario, that, to a cat, is grounds for like, jail time or something isn't it? Fines? Like you have to hand feed them catnip laced anchovies once a week or something? Pretty kitties :)


Why do people breed deformed cats?

Cats weren't meant to have no hair, have folded ears, or no tail, or short legs. It's not natural. No animal-loving person could possibly breed for what is clearly a deformity.

Any opinions?
You fail to realize they carry a high risk of illnesses. They must be very, very carefully bred in order to avoid these, and even then the risk is high. They're cute of course, but it is, in the end, a deformity that should not be bred.
Just because it is a natural mutation does not make it okay. If a human was born with no limbs, is it natural? Of course. But it is still…

Many of the things you are calling "deformed" are harmless, natural mutations. The Manx cat is a naturally occurring breed from the Isle of Man. Spynx and Peterbalds are also naturally occurring - and harmless. The Spynx, other than being cold, is a very hardy cat. The Scottish fold is another naturally occurring mutation - as is the long haired gene! These breeds you site are not unhealthy, so you're really misinformed. They carry no higher risk of illness than any other breed or domestic short hair. What does a folded ear, for instance, have to do with healthy kidneys, or…

I need some tips on Minskin Cat Breed Stuff?

I want to buy a Minskin, and I already know pretty much everything about them. I was watching a Cats 101 and all the stuff about it matches what I need PERFECTLY! I just had a couple questions
FIRST if you know a breeder or can find some online please give me a link. I need one in California So please don't give me one from North Virginia I don't believe shipping animals is very nice...
I also wanted to know about how much they cost. The average cost, and I know they're rare, so I just wanted to know their average price.
If you are a Minskin…

I suggest you DO NOT buy an animal ever. You should always adopt from a shelter! The animal that are rescued are more loving and appreciative.

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