Munchkin cat Breeders Gold Coast

Gold Coast Cat Club

The inclusion of breeders in this directory does not indicate endorsement or recommendation by the Gold Coast Cat Club. However,all of the breeders listed are registered with a recognised Cat Council and are members of the Gold Coast Cat Club.

A reputable breeder will guarantee the initial health of the kitten as free from genetic defects and free from disease. Also,visit the cattery in person whenever possible. Most breeders breed for health,temperament and quality – not quantity. This is to ensure the health and happiness of the dam as well as the kittens. Many breeders will have a waiting list,and the average price for kittens will vary from breeder to breeder.

Our members agree to abide by our Code of Ethics when joining the club and on renewal of their membership each year. In addition,they agree to abide by the Code of Ethics of their registering Cat Council. For further information on purchasing a kitten,please download our brochure Buying a Kitten.

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Animal abuse

by siriusnut

Clearly that kitty tree is not equiped with a suitable velvet fluffy pillow and enough toys, I can understand the kitties objections, I mean really, and Munchkin clearly isn't getting ALL of the petting in this scenario, that, to a cat, is grounds for like, jail time or something isn't it? Fines? Like you have to hand feed them catnip laced anchovies once a week or something? Pretty kitties :)

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