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The Munchkin is as controversial as it is popular. Its single defining dominant factor is short leg bones, meaning it is a deliberately dwarfed cat breed. Breeders of Munchkin cats argue that because there is no direct effect on the cat's other bones, there are no detrimental side effects; however, dwarfed dog breeds, and all other dwarfed species tend to have problems with arthritis, and many fear the same fate will befall the Munchkin. While the flexible feline spine may save this breed from the hip problems common to dwarfed dogs, and cats being mostly inside pets, may be at less of a disadvantage due to short legs, the act of deliberately breeding such animals remains controversial.


The cat's head is medium-sized, neither round nor wedge-shaped, with ears that are triangular and moderately large in size. Its eye and coat color are unrelated to one another. The Munchkin is recognized in all possible colors and patterns; however, tabbies and bicolors are more common than oriental shades or patterns. Munchkin eyes are large and almond shaped, and its body is medium-sized, with level spine or slight rise from shoulders to rump. Its legs are short and straight with paws turned out slightly.


The Munchkin breed originated in Louisiana in 1983, but dwarfed cats have always existed, as have dwarfed animals of every species. Breeders began to work with this mutation, out-crossing to non pedigreed cats, causing much controversy; however TICA granted the breed acceptance in 1995. It is doubtful the more conservative breed clubs will ever do so, since many other breeders fear that doing so would encourage the production of dwarfed versions of their specific breeds. Actually, the TICA standard strictly prohibits such breeding practices, so is is unlikely to become a problem.

Animal abuse

by siriusnut

Clearly that kitty tree is not equiped with a suitable velvet fluffy pillow and enough toys, I can understand the kitties objections, I mean really, and Munchkin clearly isn't getting ALL of the petting in this scenario, that, to a cat, is grounds for like, jail time or something isn't it? Fines? Like you have to hand feed them catnip laced anchovies once a week or something? Pretty kitties :)


Desperate Search for Scottish Fold Munchkin Kitten!!!?

I am searching for a Scottish Fold Munchkin kitten. I am absolutely in love with them. I recently lost my beloved cat, and am ready now to move ahead. I have always gone through rescues, but I am sure there will not be any of these available. Does anyone know of any reputable breeders? In Texas preferably? Thank you so much!

I'm Debi and I breed Scottish Fold kittens. Later this year we will also breed Scottish Kilts (Scottish Fold x Munchkin). Check our Facebook page and I just opened a brand new kilt page TODAY with 2 other breeders. Please come check it out: and Please get in touch with me in either location and I will do anything I can to help you ~ Debi

I am looking for a decently priced scottish fold munchkin kitten?! Please help me find my future baby!?

Munchykins, do you sell your munchkin kittens? If so how much? And where are you? Haha

Do you mean a Munchkin with folded ears like a Scottish Fold? Then good luck, as no reputable breeder breeds these. Munchkins have fallen out of favor, it seems due to the genetic defects that come with intentionally breeding dwarfism into them. They used to be common in TICA cat shows, now you see very few. Only back yard breeders will breed for the "cuteness" appeal of short legs and folded ears.

If you want a real Scottish Fold, then follow R P Cat's advice about finding a real breeder. A folded eared kitten that does not have papers in TICA or CFA or ACFA…

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