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Munchkin Kittens!!! in Seminole, Oklahoma

Hello everybody!! I have a beautiful Munchkin girl who just had a litter of three adorable kittens! For those of you who don't know, a munchkin cat is a cat with unusually short legs. Since they're newborns, I'm unsure of the sex but there are two light gray kittens and one long dark beautiful tabby. (His colors contrast beautifully) I'm pretty sure they are all long hair. They are not papered because Sassy's previous owner developed Parkinson's Disease and moved to Iowa, she never gave her daughter the papers, which is where we got Sassy from.

There will be a $300 rehoming fee, and if you do your research on munchkins you will see that this is a GREAT price for them, especially including theIr shots and deworming, etc. as they usually cost around $800-$1500!! The price does reflect that they don't have papers but they still have their short legs, so if you've been wanting a munchkin as a pet without breeding and showing, these are for you. :) A non refundable $100 deposit will hold your little baby and be deducted from the full price of the kitten. *I WILL NOT HOLD A KITTEN FOR YOU WITHOUT A DEPOSIT!* They will be ready for their new homes around March 17th. Be sure to email me for more details, phone number, etc. sorry I don't put my phone number up just in case I get people that aren't serious trying to buy, or scammers


by april33

Friend of mine, otherwise sane human being, actually purchased munchkins from a breeder. I don't understand. I guess their supporters say they are like the "feline version of doxies" but really, the original munchkin cat was simply born with a genetic deformity, and they inbred that cat to create more. That's how most cat breeds are created.
Cat breeds and dog breeds are fundamentally different in that each purebred cat, from Scottish folds to Persians, really are DSH/DLH cats with a genetic mutation that happened along the way. So in a way, just a "mutant" :-) Whereas if you take your average stray mix dog, that dog is a mix of various breeds

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