Munchkin kittens Burlington IA

Adorable Napoleon/Persian Munchkin Kittens to Forever Homes

These Munchkin /Napoleon kittens are a delightfully special breed that have been combined with the Wonderful Persian cat and have a fantastic personality. These babies were born on April 6th and are four weeks old.These little guys will come pre-loved and socialize with other animals and of course our own 11 yr old daughter who loves giving them temporary names so they feel a part of our family. They will be ready for their new homes between June 1st and June 15th. I will be accepting deposits on these beautiful babies on a first come first serve basis. I have two male standard (short legged) munchkins who I am only asking $550 for and one male (long legged) non-standard munchkin who I am asking $250 for as well as two non-standard (long legged) female munchkins that I am asking $300 for. Please contact me for more info on my cell at 319 671-4043 or you can message me.

I have mixed feelings on breeding pets

by monki

Volumes have been written on the topic... one of my college professors even had a seminar called "the ethics of pet keeping."
so many breeders are unscrupulous about messing up the animals' gene pool, which is why so many dogs, like golden retrievers, have hip displasia and whatnot. the munchkin cats are cute, but part of me says, "what the fuck is THAT?" these are living creatures, and it's a little creepy that people sculpt them through breeding so that we will have an increasingly cuddly race of pets to play with.
especially when there are so many animals in shelters that have no homes and are routinely euthanized

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