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How to Buy a Munchkin Kitten

Many people say that they wish that their cat could be a kitten forever. Kittens are so cute, cuddly, and playful. If you are searching for a cat that remains youthful forever, buy a munchkin cat. Munchkins are a breed of cat that have short legs, playful personalities, and look like kittens for their entire life. When buying a munchkin cat, there are steps that you should take.

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    Locate a Munchkin cat breeder in your local area. Research the breeder and make sure that she is credible and that she cares for her Munchkins during the first few weeks of life.

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    Speak with the Munchkin breeder that you plan on buying your Munchkin kitten from. Learn more about the breed of kitten, the overall health of these kittens, and make sure to look at all of the health records and vaccinations that the Munchkin cat has received.

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    Compare the price of the Munchkin to other kittens around your area. Munchkin cats are very expensive and many breeders want to make the most money from their sale. Be sure that your Munchkin cat is purebred and that you are paying for what you are receiving.

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    Spend some time with the Munchkin kitten that you plan on buying. Look at this experience like an adoption process. You want to make sure that your Munchkin kitten has the kind of personality that will match up with you and your family.

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    Buy the Munchkin kitten that you are most compatible with. Buy all of the things that you need for you Munchkin kitten before your arrival to your home.

I have mixed feelings on breeding pets

by monki

Volumes have been written on the topic... one of my college professors even had a seminar called "the ethics of pet keeping."
so many breeders are unscrupulous about messing up the animals' gene pool, which is why so many dogs, like golden retrievers, have hip displasia and whatnot. the munchkin cats are cute, but part of me says, "what the fuck is THAT?" these are living creatures, and it's a little creepy that people sculpt them through breeding so that we will have an increasingly cuddly race of pets to play with.
especially when there are so many animals in shelters that have no homes and are routinely euthanized


Where can I buy a Munchkin kitten?

Okay, so I'm looking to buy a standard Munchkin kitten. I don't mind if it is a mixed breed, just as long as it is a standard Munchkin. ( short legged ) I live in Texas, so somewhere around here would be nice. But, I am planning on picking one up on my way to Missouri, so I don't mind if it is located in Oklahoma, or Missouri. But I would prefer Texas. Thank you. (:

Aw munchkins are so sweet!

I found this breeder called CountryMunchkins. The breeder is in Austin, Texas. Here is their site :

is another breeder. This one Is in Marion, Texas. It's called Bluebonnet Munchkins. Here is that site:

Oklahoma there is Munchkin Cat Rescue:

can't find any in Missouri though. Good luck with your beautiful new munchkins!! :) x

Desperate Search for Scottish Fold Munchkin Kitten!!!?

I am searching for a Scottish Fold Munchkin kitten. I am absolutely in love with them. I recently lost my beloved cat, and am ready now to move ahead. I have always gone through rescues, but I am sure there will not be any of these available. Does anyone know of any reputable breeders? In Texas preferably? Thank you so much!

Where are you? If you are in Victoria, BC, contact the Cat's Cradle. If I knew you earlier, I would have given you mine.

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