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Le l'amitie'Deluxe listings are in order of their start date to reward loyalty - especially those that have been with us for many years! If you are looking for a specific deluxe listing, click the name below to jump directly to that deluxe listing. Please look below the deluxe listings for our free listings in alphabetical order.

CongoCoon Cattery

Congocoon Cattery offers maine coon kittens in a variety of colors, from solids in black or white to smokes and traditional tabby colors. Nice lynx tips, large cats, Champion and Grand Ch lines. Visit our website and take the jungle tour!
[Deluxe Listing Started 8/1/2005]

Kaydekatz Himalayans& Persians

A small cageless CFA registered environment for our kitties. We have all color points and specialize in BEW, chocolate, lilac, and lynx. Our kittens have beautiful coats, wonderful dispositions, and award winning pedigrees.Please visit our website for a tour or to select your next forever kitty. PKD tested and health is guaranteed.Shipping available.

ShortNaps Cattery

We are a CFA and TICA Registered Cattery. We are located in Alabama near Auburn and are 2 hours S of Atlanta, GA.

Our kittens are healthy! We raise Munchkins, Napoleons and use top quality Persians in our Nap line. The breed type of each or our kittens equals or surpasses the standard that is written for each breed. Our cats have gorgeous classic faces with big expressionate eyes. Many are rug huggers and we have several tiny (3 pound) cats that we breed. The personality of the Napoleon is ideal because it has the sweetness of the Persian with the rambunctiousness of the Munchkins blended in to create the all around best "Designer Kitty".

Le l'amitie'

Le l'amitie' started 15 years ago and was the first Sphynx cattery in Alabama.In 2003, we bred the First, Second, and Third Best Sphynx and two National winners in CFA, and the Best Sphynx in ACFA.Le l'amitie' means "The Special Friend" in French and that special bond between people and cats is what this cattery is all about-


Jaguarcoons is a small cattery located in Mobile, AL. We breed a cross of European and American lines for the "wild" look. Kittens available in a variety of colors. Kittens are raised underfoot and held daily.


Here at Rottins our Highlanders are our life. These babies have made us very happy and given us lots of entertainment that we want to pass on to others. We strive to breed excellent family companions with the utmost importance on the health & well being of our babies. Our babies are raised underfoot with children & dogs. TICA registered.
[Deluxe Listing Started 5/8/2013]

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Backwoods Kennel & Cattery - We breed Maine Coons for pets/show. Visit our web site for more info.
Bama Rags - We are a smal cattery with just a few litters per year.
Chamidolls Ragdoll Cats and Kittens - Gorgeous home-raised large, floppy Ragdoll cats and kittens with sweet, loving personalities.
ChamiDolls Ragdolls - Home-raised healthy, large, sweet Ragdoll cats and kittens for sale in Alabama near AL/TN border.
CongoCoon Cattery - CongoCoon Cattery of Alabama offers large, friendly kittens in a variety of colors. Jaguarcoons - Jaguarcoons is a small cattery located in Mobile, AL. We breed a cross of European and American lines for the "wild" look. jonlbastra sphynx - tica registered sphynx cats and kittens
Le l'amitie'
Luna Siberian Cats - We are a small cattery in Alabama with Sweet, Loving Hypoallergenic Siberian Kittens. Mokolea Cattery - Small Cattery located in the Northern Alabama (Huntsville) area. I work exclusively with Havana Browns and my kittens are well socialized beauties.
Plush Palace - Beautiful Ragdolls & Doll Face Persians. British Shorthairs.
Rottins - Big Beautiful Kittens with curled ears & polydactal feet. Raised Underfoot. TICA Reg
Royal Manor Sphynx - We are a small TICA/CFA registered Cattery located in beautiful South Alabama.
ShortNaps Cattery - We are a CFA and TICA Registered Cattery. We are located in Alabama near Auburn and are 2 hours S of Atlanta, GA.
SilkenRose Persians, Himalayans & Exotics - SilkenRose Persians is located in southeast Alabama. We raise healthy, well socialized CFA registered Persians, Himalayans and Exotic Shorthairs. Ch
Southern Lynx Cattery - Small family owned Cattery with Highland Lynx/Highlander cat and kittens
Steadham Exotics - East-Central Alabama - Tabbies/Solids/Bi-Colors - CFA Registered - PKD Negative - Well Socialized

I have mixed feelings on breeding pets

by monki

Volumes have been written on the topic... one of my college professors even had a seminar called "the ethics of pet keeping."
so many breeders are unscrupulous about messing up the animals' gene pool, which is why so many dogs, like golden retrievers, have hip displasia and whatnot. the munchkin cats are cute, but part of me says, "what the fuck is THAT?" these are living creatures, and it's a little creepy that people sculpt them through breeding so that we will have an increasingly cuddly race of pets to play with.
especially when there are so many animals in shelters that have no homes and are routinely euthanized

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