Munchkin Cats for Adoption in Ohio

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The Munchkin is a relatively new breed that has become more popular over the past few years. These cats are essentially feline dwarfs – the result of a shortened bone mutation that appears now and then in domestics and has been selectively used in breeding to produce cats that look like Dachshunds. Generally, Munchkins have the same personalities as the average domestic cat, they come in long and shorthaired varieties and every color pattern that domestics exhibit. Be aware that these guys may be short, but they can go anywhere the big guys can! It’s not unusual to see a Munchkin climb to the top of a cat tree in record time!

Health Issues
Generally, this breed is pretty healthy. We have seen a lot of these cats come through our rescue and have not seen many issues. Their backs and legs seem sturdy and strong and they tend to have good personalities.

Grooming and Care Needs
Grooming is the same as for any other domestic; short hairs need a bit less, long hairs need a bit more.

Best Homes
This is usually a good family cat, again depending on personality of each individual. Simply put, the Munchkin is a regular domestic kitty with short legs.

I have mixed feelings on breeding pets

by monki

Volumes have been written on the topic... one of my college professors even had a seminar called "the ethics of pet keeping."
so many breeders are unscrupulous about messing up the animals' gene pool, which is why so many dogs, like golden retrievers, have hip displasia and whatnot. the munchkin cats are cute, but part of me says, "what the fuck is THAT?" these are living creatures, and it's a little creepy that people sculpt them through breeding so that we will have an increasingly cuddly race of pets to play with.
especially when there are so many animals in shelters that have no homes and are routinely euthanized

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