Munchkin cat Austin

Munchkin Kittens - Adorable Rughugger Kittens - Austin, TX

I have a few standard Munchkin (rughugger) kittens available to approved homes. Most are very young but I can take deposits to hold your choice. I usually let my kittens go to their new homes at the age of about 8 weeks (no less) depending on how close they are to 2 pounds and how independent they are.

I am just outside of Austin, Texas - and do not ship my kittens. (new laws require USDA licensing to people who ship puppies and kittens - making it cost prohibitive to many people because of the requirements)

If you have a friend or relative nearby who can purchase the kitten for you in person I can certainly help them with shipping in that case.

My kittens are sold for companion pets only - I do not sell to breeders or for show. (many - not all - of those people "generally" only keep their animals a few years and then get rid of them).

Please respect my wishes in this regard. I also forbid declawing - it ruins a cat's feet and can lead to all sorts of physical and psychological problems for the cat. It affects the bones and the tendons . Why do you even want a cat if you want to do that?

I will ask you for references, and I can provide you with references about me as well. I've had many repeat customers over the years, we (my customers and I) have a little "Munchkin" community and share pictures and stories.

People often ask me if Munchkins have health problems, and i can assure you that they do not. My oldest Munchkin is now 16 yrs old and I still have her 14 yr old son, as well as her 13 and 12 yr old daughters (they are all fixed). They all enjoy good health!

At this time I only have a white female and a white male Munchkin (both with short hair) and a white male with a black spot on his head (long hair) available. They are too young to be weaned, but I do take deposits to reserve one if you decide you want him/her.

I know what cat I'm getting

by Aussiedog

A fat one.
Thats my bf's only desire as far as pets go. We're going to go to a shelter and adopted a really super fat cat, prefereably kinda mean.
If I could find a fat munchkin cat I'd adopt it in a second. Theres something about chubby cats thats super cute.
As far as novelty cats, i think munchkins and bengals are it so far

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