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munchkin-kittens-1The Munchkin is one of nature’s more unique looking cats. Although they are not recognized by all registries, they are easy to identify by their unusual leg length.


The Munchkin is a small to medium sized cat, usually weighing 5 – 9 pounds. They have a thick body that is somewhat rectangular in shape. They are neither as slender as the oriental breeds nor as compact as breeds like the Persian and Manx. They have moderate bone and are well muscled, but not bulky, cats. The tail is of moderate length, tapering at the tip. It is not thick.

The defining feature of the Munchkin is its leg length. The legs are much shorter than those of other cats. The same mutation that led to short legged basset hounds and dachshunds is responsible for the similarly foreshortened legs of the Munchkin. The rear legs can be slightly longer than the front legs but both sets are much shorter than normal.

The head is a modified wedge with rounded edges. The ears are of moderate size and, in the longhaired Munchkins, can have lynx tips. The eyes are walnut shaped and wide set, giving the cat an alert expression. They can be any color and it does not have to correlate with coat color.

There are two coat varieties in the Munchkin – the shorthaired and the longhaired. In the shorthaired variety, the coat is short to medium in length with a plush texture and glossy, lustrous appearance. There is a moderate amount of undercoat and the coat is weather resistant and resilient. In the longhaired variety, the coat is semi-long. It is silky and flows along the body. The tail is plumy and the coat is heavier on the ruff and britches. All colors are permissible in both coat varieties.


Records show the occasional short legged kitten showing up in litters throughout the 20th century in locations around the world but they have always been considered anomalies. In 1983, cat fancier Sandra Hockenedel found a pregnant, short legged cat hiding under a trailer and took it in. She christened the cat Blackberry. The litter contained kittens with short legs and kittens with normal length legs. She gave a short legged male, named Toulouse, to Kay LaFrance and together they founded the breed.

It was determined that the gene for short legs is dominant and that only copy need be present in a cat for the characteristic to be present. Two copies of it, like two copies of the tailless gene in Manx cats, is fatal in utero. The cats were outcrossed with various domestic shorthair cats and eventually longhaired cats to expand the gene pool for the new breed.

Munchkin Cat for Adoption (Cherry Hill, NJ)

by BenjaminJr

Due to a serious mental illness that I developed in the last few years, I must give up my female 7-year old grey-tabby Munchkin, as I am no longer able to care for her. I only have a brother and sister-in-law in the area; if they go away I have nobody to take care of her. I know nobody in my area and have nobody to care for her if I am hospitalized again or otherwise not around. She MUST be only cat in household. She hates other cats but loves people. She is playful, friendly and affectionate, and weighs about ten pounds (about the size of a "regular" six-month old kitten). I can provide a litter box, her food, lots of toys, and her brush

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